1. C

    Apparently no 3D acceleration in wine

    After reading all this I was finally encouraged to upgrade my system from 12.3 with i386-wine to 13.1 with wine. In order to test the procedure here described first, I installed a 13.1 test...
  2. D

    Solved Having to choose between removing Minetest to install OBS Studio because of luajit-openresty

    I'm having quite an unfortunate affair when I try to build multimedia/obs-studio, it depends on lang/luajit but I already have lang/luajit-openresty installed for Minetest and trying to install OBS will remove Minetest and this dependency. Ironically the point of me installing OBS was to record...
  3. Kaminar

    Solved Autodownloading failure in OpenArena

    I have a problem with the autodownloading of maps in OpenArena (games/openarena). The map is downloading normally, but at the end of the download it crashes with an error message: RE_Shutdown( 1 ) ----------------------- (unknown): Not allowed to manipulate...
  4. Alain De Vos

    First person shooter games

    Which first person shooter games would you advice. I'm thinking about doom1,doom2,doom3,quake,halflive,other?
  5. sudobsd

    Quake Live on FreeBSD

    Hi, i would like to know if i could play Quake Live on FreeBSD, the game is on steam and only for windows, so i also wanna know if FreeBSD support Proton (im pretty sure not, but just to know) I'm asking this as i'm probably going to migrate to FreeBSD. Thanks !
  6. christhegeek

    Linuxulator Steam don't work anymore can't launch it

    Linuxulator Steam don't work anymore can't launch it ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored. the first error message the last error message fish: Job 1, 'steam' terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error) I have a radeon pro wx2100...
  7. GavOnyx

    Solved Pygame unable to install via pip because of no 'pkg-config' command

    Hi, I have run into an issue trying to install pygame via pip. My main two issues seem to be that the command pkg-config is non existent (in /bin/sh ); and that " egg_info" could not execute. Any help is appreciated! My version of python: 3.9.13 my version of pip: 22.1.2 Here is the...
  8. D

    Current state of Steam on FreeBSD

    When I first started using FreeBSD last year, I could use Steam via games/linux-steam-utils with little to no issue. Almost all of my games worked, although I never tried using wine-proton to play some Windows exclusive games. But lately on top of 13.1-RELEASE completely breaking drm-kmod for...
  9. kavex

    Suyimazu/wine-proton always crashes at launch of program

    Hello everyone! I am trying to get steam running by using Suyimazu. Steam on Linuxulator is running, but its wine-proton does not seem to work too well, so I wanted to focus on the wine-proton part for now, which is why I choose this path. Steam installs fine, but if I try to run it using...
  10. JazzSinatra

    Solved Minetest prometheus support

    Hello, I do host a games/minetest instance on my server, which I do build from the ports tree. The Minetest github page has this CMake option: Which cannot be enabled through the ports configuration, so I have to always manually enable it by editing the Makefile, by changing the...
  11. deafmute

    issue with dota 2

    no luck with dota 2 in steam/linuxulator freebsd 13.1-stable, drm-510-kmod bwrap: Can't read /proc/sys/kernel/overflowuid: No such file or directory full steam log is attached to the post
  12. S

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Hi there! I was curious if anyone here has been able to get FFXIV running? Specifically with the open source drivers. I briefly had it running when I had my Nvidia card, although not with DXVK so performance was terrible. The game almost launches, but then I get an error in Japanese that roughly...
  13. sidetone

    Game clones and similar games has an extensive list of opensource game clones. These are not all available on FreeBSD ports. Most of the games from are in ports. A few screenshots of clones and similar games running on...
  14. garaksarr

    MAME imgtool

    Hello, MAME comes with imgtool; an image manipulation program. Somehow, the pkg version of mame does not seem to include imgtool at all. Is there a way to install it separately? Thank you
  15. sidetone

    War strategy and top down building games

    Share your screenshots of Real Time Strategy (RTS), war strategy or top down building games, or discuss these types of games. Emulated games and games that need an interpreter can be here too: games/0ad ports/warzone2100 games/openra - Command & Conquer (cnc), Red Alert (ra), Dune 2000...
  16. sidetone

    Adventure games: roleplaying, sandbox, interactive story; share screenshots

    Share screenshots of adventure games on FreeBSD. Adventure games include roleplaying games (RPG) and sandbox games. Share text RPG/Adventure games too. Games run on an interpreter, game engine or emulator are good too. Maybe even online games as long as it's on FreeBSD. I don't know if the game...
  17. H

    fortune does not work anymore after upgrade

    # fortune No fortunes found in /usr/share/games/fortune:/usr/local/share/games/fortune. And man fortune gives something like plan9 fortunes man page.
  18. D

    Using Pulseaudio with Wine

    I was wondering, can Pulseaudio be used with emulators/wine-devel? Ive had issues missing sound using OSS due to it not having support for a specific audio library, and Ive heard that Pulseaudio can handle it. I could not get ALSA, which also supports it, to work correctly. So the next best...
  19. D

    No sound in wine games

    Hello, Im having issues with no sound in several games running wine-devel on Steam, such as Project Zomboid and Subnautica. I've tried to install faudio via winetricks and enable "openal32" native and builtin options in winecfg. I am using the wine OSS driver for sound and not all games are...
  20. D

    Question about winetricks /

    I install wine-devel, wine-gecko-devel, and wine-mono-devel for both pkg and the i386 wine contraption ( However, I've only installed winetricks 64-bit and can't seem to run it with WINEARCH=win32. Is installing the i386 version of winetricks required for this to work?