1. I

    Not the greatest performance with Unreal Tournament 3 under Wine (proton)

    Unreal Tournament 3 works under Wine Proton 8.0 with FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p4/5. My main issue is that there are many times where the frame rate will drop to 20 or under when it shouldn't considering my hardware. I have a Ryzen 5 3400G paired with an Nvidia GTX 1050. My launcher is as follows:
  2. I

    Cities: Skylines doesn't launch

    I'm really wanting to get Cities: Skylines to work but whenever I attempt to launch it, it acts like it's going to then the button on Steam reset back to "Play" and doesn't launch. I can, however, play games like HL 2, HL, Gary's Mod, and Borderlands 2; all through the linux-steam-utils. None of...
  3. I

    Solved Getting Unreal Tournament running

    I'm trying to get Unreal Tournament running on my FreeBSD 13.2-p4 system. I have an Nvidia GTX 1050 with an AMD Ryzen 5 3400G. I also have the Linux Nvidia libs installed as well. I've got Linuxulator setup. I'm trying to run version 469d without success, so far. I'm stuck at getting ALAudio...
  4. I

    Exactly how bad is gaming on FreeBSD?

    I've been thinking about finally ditching Windows all together in my life. I currently use Windows 10 on my gaming computer. All of the games I'm concerned about do run on Linux (most are on Steam). I run FreeBSD on my secondary desktop and my primary laptop (no dualboot, 100% full time FreeBSD...
  5. serjsk8

    Solved RetroArch core

    Hello, Some times I play old games with emulators/Snes9x This days I think to try games/retroarch But I can't figure out how to add "core" for RetroArch. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Best regards,
  6. LibreQuest

    Connecting LAN Game Port 27960

    Hello all, I am trying to get world of padman to connect over LAN. The games are able to see each other and list each other as available in LAN game list. But the connection has endless retries to connect and never progresses past the connecting screen. This was an issue for me in Fedora as...
  7. byrnejb

    MineTest - game does not start

    I installed minetest_game on my FreeBSD-12.4-RELEASE-p2. I use mate. The program installed without error but it does not run. $ minetest [ALSOFT] (EE) Failed to set real-time priority for thread: Operation not permitted (1) X Error of failed request: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window...
  8. YFD

    games/anki crashes on startup with nvidia drivers

    My primary question: under what subject or port should I file a PR? My secondary question: does anyone know of a fix? System info from uname -mrsv FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p2 releng/12.4-n235816-149768b65d61 JAMESTOWN_AMDX6 amd64 The Problem: Since updating last week...
  9. K


    What are some "good" games available for FreeBSD? Ones that require some brain-work to the end. Or an FPS, somewhat like Call of Duty? Right now the only one I have bothered to install is Mahjong, and I am pretty bored with it by now. BTW, I am 80 years old. Ken
  10. fernandel

    Solved Chess engines

    Hi! In my young days Crafty was the best chess engine and as I see it is in the ports still. I didn't play so much with computer because I want to see opponent in front of me but now as an old timer I like to try against computer chess. Are there any new which are good or is Crafty the best...
  11. J

    Some WINE and Suyimazu success. Need help with the next steps

    I can no longer state that I have been fully unsuccessful in getting anything to run in WINE. I'm not sure what I did different this time, but I have gotten two games to run with WINE and GOG Galaxy to run through Suyimazu. I had completely uninstalled all WINE ports and configuration files...
  12. U

    SteamCMD with wine

    Note : I m not responsible for anything happening as negative Hi its me again. I think FreeBSD is suitable for gaming but Steam refuses to support it but i'm working on gaming possibilities on FreeBSD. So i downloaded SteamCMD and make it work from wine. For some games it works really good...
  13. U

    Legendary works good with FreeBSD

    Hi my name is Uğurcan and new to FreeBSD. I loved this operating system. I installed Legendary from pip and it works ootb. Just wanted to inform FreeBSD community. Legendary for anyone doesnt know, its cli Epic Games Launcher.
  14. C

    Apparently no 3D acceleration in wine

    After reading all this I was finally encouraged to upgrade my system from 12.3 with i386-wine to 13.1 with wine. In order to test the procedure here described first, I installed a 13.1 test...
  15. D

    Solved Having to choose between removing Minetest to install OBS Studio because of luajit-openresty

    I'm having quite an unfortunate affair when I try to build multimedia/obs-studio, it depends on lang/luajit but I already have lang/luajit-openresty installed for Minetest and trying to install OBS will remove Minetest and this dependency. Ironically the point of me installing OBS was to record...
  16. Kaminar

    Solved Autodownloading failure in OpenArena

    I have a problem with the autodownloading of maps in OpenArena (games/openarena). The map is downloading normally, but at the end of the download it crashes with an error message: RE_Shutdown( 1 ) ----------------------- (unknown): Not allowed to manipulate...
  17. Alain De Vos

    First person shooter games

    Which first person shooter games would you advice. I'm thinking about doom1,doom2,doom3,quake,halflive,other?
  18. sudobsd

    Quake Live on FreeBSD

    Hi, i would like to know if i could play Quake Live on FreeBSD, the game is on steam and only for windows, so i also wanna know if FreeBSD support Proton (im pretty sure not, but just to know) I'm asking this as i'm probably going to migrate to FreeBSD. Thanks !
  19. christhegeek

    Linuxulator Steam don't work anymore can't launch it

    Linuxulator Steam don't work anymore can't launch it ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored. the first error message the last error message fish: Job 1, 'steam' terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error) I have a radeon pro wx2100...
  20. GavOnyx

    Solved Pygame unable to install via pip because of no 'pkg-config' command

    Hi, I have run into an issue trying to install pygame via pip. My main two issues seem to be that the command pkg-config is non existent (in /bin/sh ); and that " egg_info" could not execute. Any help is appreciated! My version of python: 3.9.13 my version of pip: 22.1.2 Here is the...