1. judusfloratos

    Virtualbox does not follow boot order

    I am successfully using Windows 10 in VirtualBox (5.2.32) on a FreeBSD host (12.0-RELEASE-p10) and would like to access my CD drive from inside the Windows guest. I've followed the directions in the handbook and set the boot order in VirtualBox to hard disk followed by optical. When I start the...
  2. D

    FreeBSD XFCE No Screens Found

    Greetings, I have been recently wanting to get into FreeBSD I installed all of the steps for XFCE in a VirtualBox machine But surprisingly when I do "startx", It gives me a message with "no screens found"
  3. J

    Other USB 3 and Virtual Box are not compatible with FreeBSD 11.2

    I "installed" the VirtualBox image of FreeBSD 11.2 (thought it was 12, but uname says differently). Setup is 3.5" disk with ext2 file system in USB 2 caddy -> USB 3 hub -> USB 3 port. The hub is then brought into the virtual machine using the device menu item. When the virtual machine is...
  4. greencloud

    Solved PC fails to complete reboot after installing VirtualBox

    This happened to me twice within 2 weeks time. The first time it happened I ended up reinstalling FreeBSD 11.2-STABLE because I was not able to distinguish the problem. Now it turns out it was VirtualBox. Here's what happened: After installing VirtualBox via pkg (the first time I had it was via...
  5. B

    Cannot mix incompatible libraries

    Hello whoever is reading this. I have been stuck in the know what I mean. I have a problem with VirtualBox. NO matter of the procedure that I make for install this program, will be pkg, using ports, whatever. When it finish its installation, and I try to run this program, ALWAYS I get...
  6. B

    Limit of VMs in FBSD

    Well, don't punish me this time -it's a joke- . This thread it's not about an specific error, but so a "strange" thing that i have seen in my PC. Running FBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p6, with an arch of i386. So, i can say that this, more than an error, it's a warning. You'll see: i have created recently...
  7. petur

    Solved I want to host bhyve- and VirtualBox-VMs on same machine. Is that feasible?

    Background I have two old (hardware) production servers, one which runs bhyve VMs and another which runs virtualbox VMs, which are to be replaced -- ideally by a workhorse. Question Can a single FreeBSD server be made to stably host both bhyve and virtualbox VMs? (It occurs to me that it might...
  8. S

    PXE - TFTP Timeout #5 ACK 2 Problem

    Hallo, I want to make a PXE BSD Install. The DHCP Server is running and is being recognized. But I get a Timeout for TFTP. My Config files: I tried with Windows Programm "Serva Community" and it worked. It...
  9. Jeff Singleton

    Virtualbox-OSE 5.2.4 build fails

    Anyone else having issues building Virtualbox? I have attached a log with just the build section where it fails, on what appears to be something with QT. I wanted to check here first before opening a bug. Thanks, Jeff
  10. B

    FreeBSD vboxwebsrv running, but can't connect to it

    I am trying to connect RemoteBox to my (test) FreeBSD host running virtualbox webservice but though; vboxwebsrv is running and sockstat -l -4 shows: (port 18083 is default port) USER COMMAND PID FD PROTO LOCAL ADDRESS FOREIGN ADDRESS guest vboxwebsrv 710 8 tcp4 *:*...
  11. B

    How to configure VirtualBox WebService?

    Is there anybody who can tell me how I can configure the VirtualBox Webservice to work with RemoteBox? The vBox manual only explains more or less how to do it on Linux by setting parameters to the /etc/default/virtualbox. But that file does not exist in FreeBSD. And I suppose I have to set...
  12. N


    Hi, I am new to FreeBSD and I am reading the FreeBSD handbook; I want to know how copy and paste files from GNU/LINUX host to FreeBSD guest, I followed all the steps from FreeBSD handbook . My DE is Mate. Please forgive my...
  13. Andrew Pennebaker

    Headless VirtualBox guest additions?

    Is there a smaller edition of the VirtualBox guest additions for headless mode, that doesn't require X11, LLVM, Perl, and Python? I'm trying to shrink a FreeBSD virtual machine from 1GB+ to something more space efficient for servers.
  14. A

    freebsd host bridging internet to guests on virtualbox?

    How would I get internet working on my virtualbox host(s)? I have followed the guides on the wiki and currently have Windows XP virtualized. But I am unable to connect to the internet on it... my knowledge in networking is rather limited. Here are my settings for the bridged connection ...
  15. geek

    VirtualBox 3D acceleration?

    Hi. Does FreeBSD support 3D acceleration as a host or guest with VirtualBox?
  16. P

    [NAS4Free] Interface association missing VirtualBox USB

    I'm having a problem with a HiFace Two DAC connected to an Ubuntu guest on VirtualBox. The host is a NAS4Free (FreeBSD based). On a bare Ubuntu I get this module correct working and reported like this in Ubuntu: [1191641.895471] usbcore: registered new interface driver snd-usb-hiface...
  17. mohamed.s.chebbi

    Solved FreeBSD cannot connect to the internet on VirtualBox

    Hi All, I installed FreeBSD 11 on VirtualBox using an image from I tried to run pkg but it seem no internet connection. I tried to configure OpenDNS on the file resolv.conf (OpenDNS solve the problem on FreeBSD 10.2) but I got the same result pkg does not work. Can any one help me...
  18. islamux

    mount ext4 & ntfs in virtualbox

    Hi I'm new to FreeBSD, I've been using Linux for 10 years and I want really to install FreeBSD in my harddisk but before that I want to practice enough in FreeBSD and read a lot in FreeBSD until that installed FreeBSD in virtualbox. And all things done well. All the problem I faced search in...
  19. smj

    Solved Don't mix VirtualBox and bhyve and then not clean up

    tl;dr - Don't add vmm_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf when trying to play with bhyve on a server using VirtualBox and then forget about it... I'm posting this partly in public celebration of my own stupidity o_O, but mostly because I found a lack of pertinent results when searching the web for...
  20. D

    Virtualbox guest not recieving traffic from bridge

    I have two bridged interfaces, each bridged to a different VLAN interface, and I'd like to have a Virtualbox guest (Linux) access both bridge interfaces. I set this up, but after some connectivity issues, I discovered that the guest can transmit fine (so I see traffic originating from the guest...