1. K

    virtualbox-ose 6.1.36 can't open URLs or User Manual

    Hi, I'm running FreeBSD 13.1, and have virtualbox-ose 6.1.36 installed from the pkg. The problem is that the VM manager (not the guest!) cannot open any URLs. E.g. if I select Help -> VirtualBox Web Site, I get the message Failed to open Make sure your desktop...
  2. D

    vbox Host only interface IP configuration, access denied

    Hi everybody, I'm encountering trouble of denied access : $ /usr/local/bin/VBoxManage hostonlyif ipconfig vboxnet0 --ip --netmask VBoxManage: error: Code E_ACCESSDENIED (0x80070005) - Access denied (extended info not available) VBoxManage: error: Context...
  3. H

    vbox How to log in virtual BSD

    Sorry for this naïve question. I am trying to boot a FreeBSD virtual machine by means of VirtualBox under Liinux Devuan (Debian without system D). I downloaded a FreeBSD dvd ISO and constructed a virtual machine for it. When I start the machine as muti-user FreeBSD boots. It finishes with a...
  4. kr0m

    Solved VirtualBox black screen

    I am trying to install a Linux VM for testing under VirtualBox, I configure the VM indicating Linux OS and loading ISO install cd in cdrom virtual unit. The VM starts but the screen remains black forever, it doesn't appear any BIOS or cdrom boot menu. I have changed some parameters like VGA card...
  5. M

    Solved FreeBSD 13.0 boot stuck in "UEFI Interactive Shell" when EFI is enabled in VirtualBox

    In a fresh install of FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso in VirtualBox 6.1.32 (Ubuntu 20.04.4 host), I wanted to increase the console dimensions and console font size, so I followed the instructions here: How to increase vt console size in VirtualBox image. (Note: that post uses the FreeBSD...
  6. blind0ne

    vbox Installing virtualbox from packages.

    Hi, here is my error on startup any vm with virtualbox. here is my rc.conf: vboxdrv_load="YES" vboxguest_enable="YES" vboxservice_enable="YES" vboxservice_enable="YES" vboxnet_enable="YES" vboxguest_enable="YES"
  7. grahamperrin@

    vbox VirtualBox: FreeBSD guest with UFS: disk I/O ceasing with PIIX4, PIIX3 and other virtual controllers

    Below, why are there log entries for PIIX3 when the controller is set to PIIX4? I have been trying (amongst other things) to boot this 12.⋯ guest temporarily in safe mode. Neither of the commands below seem to be effective – note the multiple CPUs, above, in htop: nextboot -o...
  8. heraldo

    Solved Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.1.28-147628.vbox-extpack install error

    Hello everybody... When I try to install Extension Pack VirtualBox: or I...
  9. grahamperrin@

    Solved Update package descriptions and messages for some VirtualBox ports Cross-post:
  10. del

    Solved Building a networking lab with FreeBSD 13 in VirtualBox; virtual LAN unable to ping

    I'm trying to build a multi-router setup in VirtualBox using FreeBSD machines as the routers. I have two VMs, router-1 and router-2, which are on the same subnet and are able to ping one another. router-1 has a bridge interface with the host machine and is able to ping the wider internet. It...
  11. grahamperrin@

    vbox ATA status error after enlarging a disk – gpart recover fails

    emulators/virtualbox-ose 6.1.26 Following enlargement of the disk, a boot in single user mode: Context: – first, I enlarged the disk without using the disclosure triangle. This did not have the required effect, so I enlarged the differencing .vdi
  12. I

    bhyve Using bhyve and VirtualBox together - does it work?

    Can a FreeBSD host run both bhyve vms and VirtualBox vms at the same time? ... would really appreciate a reply from someone before I spent time trying to find out. Thanks! :-)
  13. B

    UFS GPT corrupt on guest drive after resize inside Virtualbox

    These are the steps taken to reproduce the error (host is Windows 10): Open Oracle Virtualbox and create a new virtual machine, FreeBSD 64 bits. Choose to add virtual drive later. Download prebuilt image disk "FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64.vhd". Attach the disk to the virtual machine. Start the...
  14. G

    vbox On installing VBox...

    Excuse me if this is a noobish question, but this is the first time I'm using FreeBSD after purchasing a QOTOM and installing pfSense on it. Context: The QOTOM PC I bought for my home office has shiny specs, and I intended to use the spare power to use it as my Kubernetes master (but without...
  15. grahamperrin@

    FreeBSD-provided disk images: problems with UFS, fsck_ufs (fsck_ffs(8)); partition sizes …

    Why not ZFS by default? Images are compressed before distribution. I assume that compression is very effective for: non-used space (free, never used) in file systems non-used swap space. Why is there so little free space in the file system for the base OS? Why is so little of the disk given...
  16. grahamperrin@

    (254458) FreeBSD with VirtualBox on FreeBSD: saved states of running machines are unusable offers some detail. Bugged guests include the FreeBSD-provided virtual disk for FreeBSD 13.0-RC5. For me, the bug seems to be consistently reproducible with a FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT host. Please, can anyone tell whether the bug is...
  17. H

    vbox FreeBSD 12 and bridged mode virtualbox

    Hello, I've been using FreeBSD and VirtualBox for many years to run Windows guest in a safe environment. The guest systems run normally in the bridged mode, until including FreeBSD 11.4 I had no problems to do this. But with starting with FreeBSD 12, the VMs are running perfectly in NAT mode...
  18. T

    vbox Freebsd Virtualbox Host and Jails

    I'm running Virtualbox 5.2.44_3 on FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE and everything is working fine until I create a jail and use vnets for the networking on the jails. I'm using iocage for jail management. I've followed the handbook for setting up a bridged interface for jails and my bridge interface...
  19. Edgar9090

    vbox VirtualBox Detects No Sound On Guest Systems

    Hi there, so here's an issue I have with VirtualBox on FreeBSD, and I don't hear any sound playing on the guest systems at all. I need some suggestions to solve this issue.
  20. fel1x

    Solved Porting new Virtual Machine Guest Tools(VMWare Workstation 16 and VirtualBox 6.1

    I don't have any new computer for FreeBSD. So I use virtual machine on Windows 10. The problem is that the latest virtualbox-ose-additions is for Virtualbox 5.x and guest additions for vmware is discontinued, so vmware says that I should use open vm tools. However, it only supports Freebsd 11...