bhyve Using bhyve and VirtualBox together - does it work?

Can a FreeBSD host run both bhyve vms and VirtualBox vms at the same time?
... would really appreciate a reply from someone before I spent time trying to find out. Thanks! :)
If I recall correctly (from when I wanted to try bhyve): no.

I found these three lines in my /etc/rc.conf:

# vm_enable="NO"
# vm_dir="zfs:copperbowl/vm-bhyve"
IIRC it wouldn't be a problem from the bhyve side, but I hardly doubt Oracle will do anything to make it work on the Virtualbox side.

If you want/have to run legacy VMs on a 'legacy' hypervisor, you might want to take a look at smartOS, which can run bhyve and KVM concurrently without any performance impacts. We are running KVM+bhyve on the same smartOS hosts in production for nearly 2 years now, with KVM VMs heavily declining in numbers because everything halfway modern runs perfectly fine on bhyve, so no need to drag legacy cruft around like an emulated ISA bus or floppy disc controllers... The KVM VMs are usually legacy VMs (i.e. appliance vendor doesn't support bhyve or crufty old 2.x linux based appliances...) or VMs that are bound to be decommissioned in the near future; everything that has been set up over the last ~1.5 years is running on bhyve.
why do u want to use virtualbox ? it does not support the passthrough of the PCI bus. bhyve does it. bhyve is a better choice...
I'm more focused on some interesting features provived by some tools. For example on the linux world xen is nice. it supports the gpu passthrough,too. But on FreeBSD it doesn nt support the PCI bus. that's bad. the best virtualization solution still remains bhyve.