1. Spity

    Nautilus load a long, long, long disk name

    Installed fusefs-ntfs my loader.conf fuse_load="YES" my sysctl.conf: vfs.usermount=1 and fstab: /dev/ada2s1 /mnt/windows ntfs mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g,rw 0 0 Everthing its ok! but, when I click (for open) on the disk, Nautilus show me a long, long, long name (And the...
  2. Spity

    Reboot/Shutdown missing

    Hi. when I open a tty (Ctrl + Alt + F2 for example) the option to shutdown / restart in the Gnome menu disappears. And I can only restart or shutdown via terminal.
  3. Spity

    Solved Change language of Gnome Desktop

    Hi, I have installed FreeBSD 12.2 with Gnome. Is there any way to change it to Spanish?
  4. G

    The dying of a species: gnome@

    Reading committers comments is a hidden source of entertainment if you are a friend of hedonistic cynicism. They pop up more publicly when reading the commit history i.e. on which is also a great source of information for serious purposes. But folks, it's all about...
  5. vigole

    Solved Gnome/GTK-free Desktop

    Is it possible to have a Gnome-Free Desktop? Suppose you have a non-Gnome desktop (i3, KDE, etc). Is there any specific program in Gnome project that has no usable alternative in other projects e.g. KDE. What about GTK? For example is there enough Qt-based applications out there, to be able to...
  6. T

    GUI embedded software Rapsian os

    Hello, I am new to this community FreeBSD. I've read a lot article for FreeBSD. It's very secure and efficient operating system. Recently, I started working on new project. I'm building Raspberry Pi 4 embedded device. but the problem is that I can't able to edit operating system Raspbian OS. My...
  7. W

    Solved Gnome 3 Black Screen On FreeBSD

    Hello, My PC has a Nvidia graphic card with Intel CPU. /etc/fstab : See image rc.conf : See image /root/.xinitrc : See image startx, gnome-session : both not work. I installed nvidia-driver and nvidia-xconfig. Logs : "] "]
  8. rumate

    Gnome 3.28. Network shares

    Hi all! I updated Gnome to 3.28. After that I cannot connect to windows shares. Network is browseable in Files when I explicitly enter the path to a share. Like CTRL+L then smb://mycompany and see all computers presented on our LAN or smb://myserver and get to the share's files on myserver...
  9. I

    FreeBSD Current w/ Xorg & Nvidia

    Hello, I was trying to install the latest Current on a machine w/ a Nvidia K600 (it does have onboard Intel graphics as well). Unfortunately I am unable to startx as it either complains about "No screens found" or another error message related to framebuffer mode. As layed out in the...
  10. Nyantastic

    gnome-terminal problems with harfbuzz

    I'm using pkg to install gnome-terminal. I've been having some problems with the gnome-terminal package recently. First of all, a few days ago the terminal "forgot" its size and became very small each time a new window was opened, and now after a pkg upgrade it is completely failing to appear...
  11. H

    GNOME3 gnome-shell crashing

    So, I installed FreeBSD 10.3 and pkg install'd xorg and gnome3. Set the required daemons to start in rc.conf and got into gnome3 gdm and desktop without too much trouble. When using the thing, however, gnome-shell, and other stuff too, keeps crashing all the time, which is mostly visible as the...
  12. Z

    Problem about disk size and gnome

    I am an average Linux user used to Debian Linux and I am not system admin or anything like that, just home user and from yesterday I am new to FreeBSD. Yesterday I installed FREEBSD from USB and my disk is 400 GB but it shows 383 GB. Only I don't know why and only this is my operating system on...
  13. blueCub

    Other is Cinnamon port borken on FreeBSD 11?

    I tried both install Cinnamon from as binary from the pkgs and build it from ports, added the rc exec cinnamon session in .xinitrc and enabled the dbus, hald and slim. Yet once I login it gives me a message cinnamon crashed and if I want to try again and keep crashing.. I am using the port...
  14. O

    Cinnamon just crashed you are currently running in Fallback Mode

    I install FreeBSD with Cinnamon Desktop , but in startx I see This message: cinnamon just crashed you are currently running in Fallback Mode , do you want to restart cinnamon? Please help me. my Laptop Config : Intel i5 ATI radeon Carte Graphique I install the system, after system reboot, I...
  15. fnoyanisi

    Solved GNOME3 uses caja as the default file manager

    Hi, I was using x11/mate as my desktop manager and recently decided to install x11/gnome3. There are some issues I have been struggling with; 1 ) GNOME insists using x11-fm/caja instead of x11-fm/nautilus as the main file manager 2 ) x11-fm/nautilus uses large icons, that I don't like. When I...