Solved [INFO] How to remove many gnome apps

It becomes preinstalled with Gnome3 and possibly many others. So there is the command:
pkg remove epiphany
and then removing games maybe:
pkg remove atomix
pkg remove gnome-2048
pkg remove gnome-nibbles
pkg remove gnome-chess
pkg remove five-or-more
pkg remove lightsoff
pkg remove gnome-mahjongg
pkg remove gnome-mines
pkg remove gnome-sudoku
pkg remove gnome-tali
pkg remove swell-foop
pkg remove gnome-taquin
pkg remove gnome-tetravex
pkg remove hitori
pkg remove gnome-klotski
pkg remove aisleriot
pkg remove gnome-robots
pkg remove quadrapassel
pkg remove four-in-a-row

And one shot:
pkg remove atomix gnome-2048 gnome-nibbles gnome-chess five-or-more lightsoff gnome-mahjongg gnome-mines gnome-sudoku tali swell-foop gnome-taquin gnome-tetravex hitori gnome-klotski aisleriot gnome-robots quadrapassel four-in-a-row

Now you guys have free space for video games heheh

And you can want to install another browser, so there is the FireFox install command:
pkg install firefox
And dont forget office apps ofc:
pkg install libreoffice

do not remove glade. This can destroy gnome lol


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How about installing GNOME3 lite, instead? Then add what you need:
# pkg install xorg tracker-miners nss_mdns gnome3-lite

Note, nautilus won’t work without tracker-miners and avahi needs nss_mdns.