Gnome 3.28. Network shares


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Hi all!
I updated Gnome to 3.28. After that I cannot connect to windows shares. Network is browseable in Files when I explicitly enter the path to a share. Like CTRL+L then
smb://mycompany and see all computers presented on our LAN
smb://myserver and get to the share's files on myserver
Trying to connect severs in Files brings the following window:
Screenshot from 2018-10-08 16-11-48.png

I noticed that in this case the path has the following view:
I don't remember that i ever put options in smb4.conf. I think something wrong with Gnome, because it worked before.
UPD: Something went wrong. Now I cannot connect to Windows shares by any means, except actual Samba server.
All tries to open Windows shares lead to:
Screenshot from 2018-10-09 09-02-57.png

UPD2: Wow, I got the same warning on Ubuntu 18.04. Looks like paths to windows shares aren't being processed correctly on both systems.
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