1. Rand0m

    Other is Cinnamon port borken on FreeBSD 11?

    I tried both install Cinnamon from as binary from the pkgs and build it from ports, added the rc exec cinnamon session in .xinitrc and enabled the dbus, hald and slim. Yet once I login it gives me a message cinnamon crashed and if I want to try again and keep crashing.. I am using the port...
  2. O

    Cinnamon just crashed you are currently running in Fallback Mode

    I install FreeBSD with Cinnamon Desktop , but in startx I see This message: cinnamon just crashed you are currently running in Fallback Mode , do you want to restart cinnamon? Please help me. my Laptop Config : Intel i5 ATI radeon Carte Graphique I install the system, after system reboot, I...
  3. fnoyanisi

    Solved GNOME3 uses caja as the default file manager

    Hi, I was using x11/mate as my desktop manager and recently decided to install x11/gnome3. There are some issues I have been struggling with; 1 ) GNOME insists using x11-fm/caja instead of x11-fm/nautilus as the main file manager 2 ) x11-fm/nautilus uses large icons, that I don't like. When I...