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    Best way to automatically keep system, packages, and daemons up to date

    Hi, I'd like to know if you have a good way of keeping a system completely up to date in a completely automated way. If my understanding is correct, I can add 42 8 * * * freebsd-update cron in root's crontab to have the base system (I guess that means the kernel and the programs in /bin)...
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    Install and update system and packages without FTP

    Hi, I stumbled upon this line in the FreeBSD official documentation: I'm stunned because I've been looking for ways to work with FreeBSD without FTP for days and it seems impossible. pkg install uses FTP and I find no way to globally override this freebsd-update uses FTP and I find no way to...
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    NTP: Please advice to locate NTP missing security patches: Sec 2671, Sec 2672 in FreeBSD repository

    Hi FreeBSD Team, Myself JGhosh, an open source developer, working on NTP cherry pick integration from specific CERT: VU#852879 into a FreeBSD stable/10 private view. Myself facing one NTP to FreeBSD patch integration issue as two (2671 and 2672) out of eight CERT bugs are still missing...
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    Solved freebsd-update and /usr/src

    I have a few FreeBSD 10.1 Release droplets in the Digital Ocean Cloud. None of them have /usr/src installed by default and it's unnecessary anyway because I'm using freebsd-update. This morning freebsd-update fetch found a whole bunch of files in /usr/src/contrib to update. The files were...
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    Mounting fails after upgrading 9.3R to 10.1R

    I did a binary upgrade with freebsd-update. It went something like this: # freebsd-update -r 10.1-RELEASE upgrade # freebsd-update install Installing updates...chflags: ///var/empty: Read-only file system # shutdown -r now I didn't really mind the error and just rebooted the system when...
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    How do I find which services and programs to restart after a 'freebsd-update install'?

    After I run freebsd-update fetch I get a long list of files (example) that will get updated with a freebsd-update install. For some of them, it's obvious that it's a service I need to restart (like sshd). But for others, it's not. What if there is a vulnerable process of csh running? How...