1. dave

    Solved freebsd-update to 13.1-RELEASE Fails to Boot

    I was using freebsd-update to upgrade a box to 13.1-RELEASE. Here is the command I used to start the process... freebsd-update upgrade -r 13.1-RELEASE I followed the usual process and when prompted to reboot the first time, rebooted. Now I get this... | \ ______ ____ _____...
  2. Scribner

    Updating FreeBSD With ZFS Boot Environments (beadm)

    (Disclaimer: I'm a noob. Structure your replies accordingly.) I installed FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE last fall with the help of this forum. I haven't updated the computer since then, and have basically just ensured that, with my current install, the OS and KDE work and I am able to use Firefox...
  3. john_rambo

    One major difference that I found between Linux and FreeBSD || How frequently do you install updates ?

    After moving from Arch Linux to FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p7 one major difference that I found was the fact that under all Linux distros there is only one update mechanism which updates both the base and user land packages. For example under Debian/Ubuntu you need to run only sudo apt update && sudo...
  4. grahamperrin@

    freebsd-update fetching but failing to install updates

    FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE. p4 kernel, p5 userland, consistent with <>. freebsd-update(8) repeatedly fetches but fails to install updates. Rebooted, no better. How should I resolve this? …
  5. D-FENS

    Solved How to detect END-OF-LIFE on an OS release via script?

    I would like to implement a detection within a script that gives me an answer if the release is at END OF LIFE or still current. In a nutshell, I call freebsd-update from my script and I need to differentiate between a legitimate error and the error code 1 returned by freebsd-update when the...
  6. gpw928

    Perplexing inconsistency in patch level

    Hi, I just patched my kernels for the latest round of advisories. Then I noticed an inconsistency in the patch level: [ritz.156] # uname -a FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE-p9 FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE-p9 #0: Tue Apr 6 09:27:45 UTC 2021...
  7. spork

    freebsd-update IDS flagging everything

    This one is kind of maddening. 4 brand new servers, all installed around the same time, firewalled to only allow ssh from a handful of IPs, and key-based auth only. It's a fair assumption that none of them were broken into, both based on the access restrictions and the fact the the "IDS" option...
  8. B

    freebsd-upate on a LAN

    Following guidance from SirDice I've cobbled together instructions on how to run freebsd-update over a LAN rather than directly obtaining the update over the Internet. This would be particularly useful for anyone on a metered on slow connection. The assumption is that the Server has already been...
  9. Scanline

    freebsd-update update3 doesn't resolve anymore

    Hi all, I was doing some update and discover that doesn't resolve anymore. Is it a permanent issue? update1, update2, update4, update5 are all online and in sync with the same content :) Marc
  10. A

    Solved Updating /src with Git, and "src" Components in the freebsd-update.conf

    CQ HALLO. SVN era: In the past, I could choose to extract the base source code in the /usr/src during the installation, or download it afterward and extract it after installation. In case of RELEASE, it was possible to update the /usr/src with freebsd-update, i.e. without using subversion. Git...
  11. quamenzullo

    Error messages at the end of minor upgrade (from 12.1 to 12.2)

    Hello, After having rebooted I ran the final freebsd-update install step and got this: # freebsd-update install Installing updates...ln: ///var/db/etcupdate/current/etc/os-release: No such file or directory install: ///var/db/etcupdate/current/etc/rc.d/linux: No such file or directory install...
  12. decuser

    Solved Does FreeBSD-SA-16:29.bspatch still apply in 2020

    I have a note referring to this security alert saying I need to truncate bsdpatch before doing freebsd-update: : > /usr/bin/bspatch In reading the SA, I'm unclear if this is still an issue. Do I need to keep doing this in 12.1? How can I tell?
  13. A

    Check base system for obsolete or orphaned files

    After several freebsd-updates I ran today in an issue with /lib/libreadline conflicting with /usr/local/lib/libreadline. The former (/lib/libreadline) seems to be a left over from a previous FreeBSD version. After removing the old one in /lib and running ldconfig the bash shell started to work...
  14. chrbr

    Re-use downloads for freebsd-update

    Dear community, usually an upgrade of FreeBSD using freebsd-update is nothing to worry about. Just run fetch and install as documented and take care about the packages. And that's it. But there might be an option to speep up and save bandwidth if more than one system is to be updated. As far as...
  15. antranigv

    Solved Using Jail host as a cache server for pkg and freebsd-update

    Hi all! how are you? :) I have a Jail host which contains about 50 Jails. During day-to-day operations, I need to install packages, a lot of these packages are the same (nginx, vim-console, etc), it would be really good if I can make the Jail host a pkg cache server, where the Jails can use the...
  16. nerozero

    freebsd-update fetch install -> cause: zfs i/o error - all block copies unavailable

    hello, I made this on fresh installed system (FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE r354233 GENERIC amd64): freebsd-update fetch install which ends up to be unable to boot with this error: zfs i/o error - all block copies unavailable system runs on zfs mirror with SSD as cache: zpool...
  17. J

    failed upgrading FreeBSD 11.1

    It seems 11.2 upgrade works fine but files missing for 11.1. % sudo freebsd-update -v debug fetch src component not installed, skipped Looking up mirrors... 3 mirrors found. Fetching public key from fetch...
  18. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved freebsd-update 404 error on server - losing the will to live

    Hi All I've been trying upgrade from freebsd 12 to 12.1 for the last 2 days without much joy I was getting a pkg mismatch error because i hadnt upgraded to 12.1 Running freebsd-update with the debug option shows a 404 error on the update server # freebsd-update --debug -r 12.1-RELEASE upgrade...
  19. noodlefling

    how to (or not) compile debug components

    # freebsd-update upgrade -r 11.3-RELEASE Looking up mirrors... 3 mirrors found. Fetching metadata signature for 11.2-RELEASE from done. Fetching metadata index... done. Fetching 1 metadata patches. done. Applying metadata patches... done. Inspecting...
  20. P

    Unable to patch 12.0-RELEASE-p8 to 12.0-RELEASE-p10

    Today, I got a warning that 12.0-RELEASE-p8 is reaching its end-of-life; however I am unable to patch to 12.0-RELEASE-p10 despite not receiving any error warnings. I only have one virtual CPU for my VPS that I rent, and I would rather not build from sources. I tried scouring the forums, but I...