End of life warning

Today I ran freebsd-update to get the latest set up security fixes. The update tool downloaded the new patches and then displayed a warning which read:

"FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE is nearing its End-of-Life date. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a newer release within the next 2 months."

This surprised me as 10.3 is still fairly young, have released earlier this year. And, so far as I know, there is no newer stable/production release. (There is no 10.4 and 11.0 isn't out yet.) I checked the support schedule and 10.3 is listed as supported through until April 2018, over a year away. http://www.freebsd.org/security/security.html#sup

Is this just an error on the part of the freebsd-update tool?
That was my point, the documentation says 10.3 has a long life ahead so freebsd-update should not be warning people to upgrade to newer releases. Especially since there are no newer releases.
I just updated a couple 10.3 machines and none of them showed that warning. And there's something not right about the versions you showed us. The last update should include p6 (released 2 days ago) and the last two updates didn't update the kernel, so your versions should look like this:
root@c2:~# freebsd-version -uk
The only way I can think of how you get those versions with freebsd-update(8) is that you have compiled the kernel yourself at some point, at the time of 10.3-RELEASE-p5 in this case.
Just for confirm about the "unknow" version, I have updated all my servers in end week and here is the freebsd-version output:

# freebsd-version -uk

By the way, I did not received the warn about End of Life.

PS.: Using default Kernel.