Solved Problem runing freebsd-update inside jails

Hey people,

I was looking for some info about whats the best way to keep jails updated and found many posts saying to never run freebsd-update inside of the jails.

Someone could explain why not?

Actually I am doing a make world, but this take so many time.

My jails have the empty folders:


And I mount those using:

mount_nullfs /usr/ports /usr/jails/mail/usr/ports
mount_nullfs /var/run /usr/jails/mail/var/run
mount_nullfs /usr/src /usr/jails/mail/usr/src

Thanks in advice!!!

PS.: I am not using ezjail or similar programs, I have followed the instructions on man page on how to it by hand.
First, don't share /var/run between the host and jails, that's a security problem just waiting to happen. Secondly, you can use freebsd-update(8) in your jails as long as you're ok with the default features that the release version of FreeBSD offers and the initial installation of the jail was done using the FTP installation sets of the release version you're using in the jail.
Thanks for the answer kpa!!!

Was mounting /var/run inside of jail while testing the freebsd-update on an snapshot, without it sometimes freebsd-update inside the jail return an error saying cannot access /var/run.

I will try start keep the jail updated using freebsd-update instead an full buildworld / makeworld.

Thank you very much!!!!