cursor customization

  1. wolffnx

    why not make X cursor look good?

    Tired of the old black cursor theme of X , I there and become to this to make the X cursor theme, even in applications like chromium or firefox tested in fvwm3 first of all , download a cursor theme mine is this: Bibata modern-Ice icon theme untar in ~/.icons next put in...
  2. lockna

    Solved i3: Specificed font and mouse cursor is ignored

    Hello guys! I recently installed my first BSD System with FreeBSD! Almost everything worked perfectly, but I got one minor problem. I noticed that, when I installed Visual Studio Code the font for Firefox, Chromium, PavuControl changed. They use the same font as VSCode (as can be seen in the...
  3. freebsd_user

    Blank screen unresponsive cursor on laptop while external display is fine for NVIDIA with Optimus, Xorg

    My laptop is an Optimus capable and there is no way to disable Intel graphics from the BIOS (I am also willing to use both whenever suits). I followed the handbook and also tried all relevant posts for this issue with NVIDIA, but nothing worked. I was only able to reach to a blank screen with a...
  4. ayleid96

    Solved X default cursor customization

    Greetings, For many years now I have been using X's default cursor. Basically X pulls this cursor from somewhere when you don't have selected theme for display or if you don't have any themes installed. Some programs can do cool stuff with it like changing its color when you want it to: But...
  5. rockzombie2

    Chromium cursor is white, making it invisible against white backgrounds

    Hello friends, I've recently installed FreeBSD inside of VirtualBox. I just installed the emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions port and set my graphics controller to VboxVGA. Then, when I started chrome, which I installed from ports, I noticed something strange was happening. The cursor was being...
  6. fernandel

    Solved mouse pointer size and colors

    Hi! I like to change the mouse pointer size and color. I am using x11-wm/openbox and x11/tint. There are some options for mouse but not size or colour. Any suggestions how to do it, please? Thank you.
  7. debguy

    Shell sharing: X Big Cursor for 4k TV script for FreeBSD 13 Xorg twm mwm

    There are "several suggested ways" to make the default X cursor BIG so you can see it if it's tiny. The below script allows selection of "Use Type1 for big cursor" or "misc big pcf cursor" methods. $ x-cursor-big 400 Type1 I think misc works and looks nicer for 4k than Type1: $...
  8. B

    LXDE Cursors for LXDE

    Is there any simple way to add a collect of cursors for LXDE? I see a choice of four, but would like something which is quite large. Any suggestions, or is there any way of increasing the size of those available?
  9. T

    KDE cross-cursor bug after loggin

    Hello everyone, I'm new there. I solicit your help. I'm trying to make run KDE5 on my computer and I'm having difficulties. I followed the topic with Fissy, having same problem, but it still doesn't work. KDE is starting. But when it comes to log in, I enter the password, press enter and...
  10. F

    Black Screen and Cross-cursor after login (FreeBSD / KDE5)

    Hello ! I have a problem that has been turning my head for 1 day ... That's all, I tried to install FreeBSD on a VMWare virtual machine. I want to install KDE5. My installations and configurations: -xorg -kde5 -sddm sysrc dbus_enable="YES" sysrc hald_enable="YES" sysrc sddm_enable="YES" I...
  11. D

    Solved Alt-b in /bin/sh in uxterm inserts "â" instead of moving the cursor back by one word

    My shell is /bin/sh. If I open uxterm and try to move the cursor back by one word using Alt-b, the letter "â" (a-circumflex) is inserted instead. The cursor is not moved. There is clearly something wrong. When I do the same thing in xterm instead, the cursor moves back by one word as expected...
  12. phantomfart

    Other Scratching my head at mouse cursor issue in Awesome wm.

    Hey everyone, using Awesome wm in FreeBSD 12.2 and loving it! How ever I'm trying to troubleshoot one problem. I set the mouse cursor theme to Adwaita with lxappearance and put this in my .Xresources Xcursor.theme: Adwaita Xcursor.size: 16 At startup the Adwaita mouse appears but quickly...
  13. netizen

    Mouse cursor themed/not themed mix

    Hi all (Newbie here) I've just managed to install FreeBSD, and I find that the mouse cursor is correctly themed, except when it's over a Window's tittle bar or desktop background, where it seems to be a non themed default set (black, w/white border). I've tried some searches but found nothing...
  14. k3y5

    Disappearing Cursor

    I'm not sure what is going on. After running startx everything starts up normally. I've verified the resolution/screen size is correct. Yet, when I move the mouse off screen, specifically on the righthand side. It disappears and doesn't reappear. I've specifically added (code below) to to the...
  15. nuklear

    Solved Change kde default cursor theme

    Hi guys, I installed fbsd 12.1 + KDE + SDDM. The default cursor theme is Breeze and I don't like it, so I set it by system settings=>Cursors on Adwaita theme. The problem is it display the adwaita theme only after login because in that moment starts personal setting so I can see it. Before...
  16. byrnejb

    MATE Increase mouse pointer size

    FreeBSD-12-RELEASE-p5, mate-1.20.3 I wish to increase the size of the mouse pointer on my desktop display(s). I have the mouse configured to ping when the control key is pressed but I would still prefer a larger pointer icon. The system menu of the desktop does not appear to provide any way...
  17. B

    Changing mouse cursor

    My mouse cursor is too small and sometimes it is difficult to see. How do I get a bigger mouse cursor, preferably one surrounded by a yellow circle like a highlighter?
  18. J

    Other Lumina - Cursor Selection and Shutdown

    I have started using Lumina as my primary desktop environment but I'm running into a couple of minor snags. I have tried changing the cursor theme via DesktopSettings>Theme>MouseCursors, and the drop-down menu lists all the cursors I have installed, but selecting and saving does nothing. Any...
  19. goshanecr

    Is it possible to change cursor style in console?

    Good day! I like a _ cursor instead of block, in console. And in x11 terminals like x11/guake I can change cursor symbol, but in plain console I can't found way to change it. Is it possible?
  20. sidetone

    vertical cursor glitch - vulnerability or benign?

    I had a cursor glitch, where the cursor appears like a vertical dotted stripe. Is this necessarily a vulnerability, or could it just be a benign problem from graphics toolkits? It's less likely to be solely xorg, or video drivers. In the past, this glitch never seemed happen on FreeBSD, but...