Other Lumina - Cursor Selection and Shutdown

I have started using Lumina as my primary desktop environment but I'm running into a couple of minor snags.
  1. I have tried changing the cursor theme via DesktopSettings>Theme>MouseCursors, and the drop-down menu lists all the cursors I have installed, but selecting and saving does nothing. Any ideas?
  2. I can not shutdown from the various panel options, the only option is Log Out, although it seems like it should be supported.
I have solved part of it, I forgot that I needed to be in the operator group to be allowed shutdown and reboot
The mouse cursors are changed on re-load of the Lumina desktop session if you are using the lumina-config utility to change them (log out and log in again). Due to some issues in X11, only **new** windows will see the different settings and show the new cursors, so restarting the entire desktop is the best way to ensure all windows use the same thing.
Thanks for the reply! Although on my system that does not work. When I make the selection and restart my desktop nothing changes. Also, when I make the change and then go right back into the ThemeSettings the change does not show up (always comes back as Ardoise_no_shadow_100). The themes I'm trying are polar and Vanilla-DMZ. I'm running Lumina 1.2.1 (Git Revision: 9d50e9fe) on FreeBSD 11.