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Is there any simple way to add a collect of cursors for LXDE? I see a choice of four, but would like something which is quite large. Any suggestions, or is there any way of increasing the size of those available?
I often lose track of my cursor in LXDE. I've looked for a way to enlarge it bur can't find anything. Does anyone know how?
I thought I had asked previously, but I guess I couldn't really understand the guidance....

Will have another look.

Whenever I see any ArchLinux guides, I know I will have difficulty understanding them. IMV they are badly written.

Anyway I thought I would try following something, but am immediately given too many choices and have no idea which is applicable to LXDE.


If a cursor theme is not available in the official repositories or the AUR, it can be added manually. A number of websites exist where cursor themes can be downloaded. Once downloaded, they need to be put in the icons directory (as cursors have the ability to be bundled with icon themes).

Some websites that have cursor themes:

For user-specific installation, use the ~/.local/share/icons/ or ~/.icons/ directory. Extract them with this command that will work for most archives:

Any suggestion most welcome.
Ok, I found the way.
First, install a resizable cursor theme, for example I installed x11-themes/xcursors-themes, then choose cursor in Menu / Customize Look & Feel / Mouse Cursor.

Finally, modify the size, the change is immediate:

ee ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf


You can use ~/.themes locally.

Example for size 32 in whiteglass theme:

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