Solved mouse pointer size and colors

Hello, fernandel

the cursor size can be changed with x11/xrdb.

You create an $HOME/.Xresources and write the size that you want in it.

Xcursor.size: 16

then run xrdb $HOME/.Xresources.

Some window managers dont do this automatically at start and then it have to be written to $HOME/.config/openbox/autostart or similar.

To change the cursor theme you have to create an $HOME/.icons/default/index.theme or /usr/local/share/icons/default/index.theme (to set it system wide) and write the cursor theme that you want in it. You have to use the folder names of the cursor theme that you want to specify.

[icon theme]

I like to change the mouse pointer size and color. I am using x11-wm/openbox and x11/tint. There are some options for mouse but not size or colour.
Any suggestions how to do it, please?
Thank you.
I'm trying to follow the instructions here but don't see any options for colour or size. Obviously doing something wrong...

Should these instructions apply to LXDE?
LXDE is a Desktop Environment which runs under Openbox.

I have a ~/.config/openbox/
and a ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart

If I go to Settings -> Preferences

I have

Customize Look and Feel
Keyboard and Mouse
Openbox Configuration Manager

I have

Xcursor.size: 16

in ~/.Xresources

but see no changes.

Not really sure where to look.
I followed:
...and both Alexander88207 and aragats sugestions works too. I do not know about LXDE because I have Openbox.
And I put in my Openbox the line:
export XCURSOR_THEME="/home/fernandel/.icons/default/cursors"
Unfortunately your link is no longer active.

LXDE is the Desktop Environment on top of Openbox.

I have an autostart in
Did you need to create this file in

I do have such a directory but it only contains lxde-rc.xml which I have never touched.
I have setting in user .config/openbox/ which I created.
Also in user I have .icons/default/cursors which I created and copy from /usr/local/share/icons