Other Scratching my head at mouse cursor issue in Awesome wm.

Hey everyone, using Awesome wm in FreeBSD 12.2 and loving it! How ever I'm trying to troubleshoot one problem. I set the mouse cursor theme to Adwaita with lxappearance and put this in my .Xresources

Xcursor.theme: Adwaita
Xcursor.size: 16

At startup the Adwaita mouse appears but quickly switches to the default x11 cursor. I assume this is being set by a config? I poked around rc.lua and my theme configs and found nothing concerning a cursor. I'm using a vanilla config with only some minor cosmetic and keybinding changes. Any ideas?
Anybody every have this problem before? When I use any program adwaita comes back, however when I put my mouse on over the awesomewm bar or background it reverts to the default cursor.
The answer I guess, just live with it.

"XCB is X11 C Bindings, not more... it will never support libxcursor or anything more (libxcursor depends on xlib). Porting libxcursor to use directly xcb instead of xlib is different thing. So, true reason is that awesome developers don't want to setup cursor through xcb, because it's very difficult, and don't want to use other library (xlib&libxcursor) to do this.
So, if you are not awesome developer, and if you have xlib (I think you have), you can set cursor for root window and for panels (wibox-es) through xlib/libxmu/libxcursor and don't wait for something unknown."
None of that ( from the link also ) works for me. I'm using i3wm with slim and nothing seems to make the theme stick.
On a browser ( web page ) the theme is present but every where else its default black.