1. Manuel Solis

    Solved Trying to install FreeBSD 11 on Laptop Samsung NP300V4A

    Dear FreeBSD Support Team: Last year I upgraded the hardware in this Samsung NP300V4A by adding a 500 GB SSD and 12 GB RAM. So I decided to install FreeBSD 10.3, in that try I had problems installing it from the USB due to display errors at the moment of enter option 1 in the splash screen of...
  2. arabesc

    [FreeBSD-11.0] change default boot video device

    There are two video adapters in my system: # pciconf -lvbce ... vgapci0@pci0:0:2:0: class=0x030000 card=0x040a1849 chip=0x040a8086 rev=0x06 hdr=0x00 vendor = 'Intel Corporation' device = 'Xeon E3-1200 v3 Processor Integrated Graphics Controller' class = display...
  3. B

    Solved FreeBSD 11 (fresh install) hangs at boot stage 3

    I'm having some troubles booting FreeBSD. I have experienced similar things before and have subsequently given up on installing BSD. With the stable release of FreeBSD 11, I thought I'd give it another try, but to no avail. I will describe my actions step by step. I grabbed the amd64 memstick...
  4. `Orum

    Solved Not enough space to write bootcode after root zpool upgrade

    I recently upgraded one of my storage severs from 10.3 -> 11.0, and then went to perform the zpool upgrade to enable the new hashing methods available on the root pool. This, after enabling the features of course, offers the friendly reminder that: If you boot from pool 'zroot', don't forget to...
  5. sulit

    Solved freebsd11 boot from zfs part

    I install FreeBSD 11 on my laptop. My laptop has two OS, one is Windows 10, another is Debian. My parted table type is msdos, partition(or slice) 1,2 is NTFS, partition(or slice) 5,6 is Linux data, partition(or slice) 4 is BSD. BSD slice has two partitions, one is freebsd-zfs (100G), two is...
  6. `Orum

    Solved System won't boot after moving to a different disk?

    At work I have a 10.3/AMD64 system that currently has root on a UFS2 file system on a single disk, and I'd like to ultimately move it to ZFS on mirrored disks. However, as I'd like to use the existing disk as one of the two mirror disks, my first step was to clone the contents of the current...
  7. P

    Need help with "failed with error 19"

    Ok Im going to try to be as detailed as possible, I'm running Freebsd 9.2. I started this adventure with two drive, a system drive and a second 3TB drive which mounted to /secDsk. My end goal was to install a new 8TB drive, copy all the data from the 3TB drive to the new 8TB drive. Then remove...
  8. CleanCut

    Solved Why won't my "new-style" rc script start at boot?

    On pfSense 2.2.4 (FreeBSD 10.1), my custom init script filebeat_wrapper won't start at boot. According to rcorder it should start right after boot: # rcorder /etc/rc.d/* /usr/local/etc/rc.d/* (snip) /etc/rc.d/SERVERS /etc/rc.d/DAEMON /etc/rc.d/LOGIN /usr/local/etc/rc.d/filebeat_wrapper (snip)...
  9. Jörg Preiß

    Solved FreeBSD on MSI Wind 100

    Hi all, I've seen that some of you already managed to install FreeBSD on a Wind machine. But I do not even get it to boot. I tried both, the DVD and the memory stick image. I wrote it to stick with dd, but also with unetbootin. But they do not appear in the list of bootable devices. The only...
  10. spmzt

    Solved Change SATA port on FreeBSD

    Hello. I changed the SATA port on FreeBSD, now FreeBSD can't boot. What can I do? FreeBSD in ada1.

    FreeBSD chain loading from linux

    I want to chainload my FreeBSD system from Archlinux using systemd-boot (previously known as gummiboot) and I'm wondering if this is possible. My FreeBSD system is 10.3 running UEFI root on ZFS. Is there anyway I can either load the kernel, chainload the bootloader or do something so that I am...
  12. N

    Boot environments and FreeBSD 10.3

    I have been using boot environments with ZFS on PC-BSD/TrueOS for a year or so now and really like them. It's nice to be able to reboot and simply rollback the last update if something went wrong. Since FreeBSD 10.3 reports supports for boot environments I gave it a whirl today. I installed the...
  13. Kubitz

    eMMC booting (installing to and booting FreeBSD from eMMC)

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased an Acer Aspire One "cloudbook" that has a 64gb Hynix eMMC part as it's internal disk. My goal is to make this a lightweight FreeBSD-only machine for travel and daily mobile computing. When trying an install of 10.1-RELEASE the eMMC device was not found and...
  14. Allan

    Other iSCSI Mount Points at Boot

    I am fairly new to FreeBSD having made the switch based on a really good experience breathing new life into an Xserve G4 with FreeBSD 10.2. So, I decided to switch out from CentOS Linux to FreeBSD on my dev server. I was able to get everything up and running with no problem. I followed the...
  15. S

    ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable

    Followed this tutorial on my machine with four disk. shows following error File /boot/loader not found
  16. Kalero

    SmartGit on FreeBSD

    Hi, yesterday, I attempted to install the latest SmartGit release on my FreeBSD (10.2) and, being written in Java, it should work. But when I run the boot script I get these exceptions: Error invoking SmartGit java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException at...
  17. amiramix

    How to delay mountd?

    My server is exporting some folders through NFS. The server is running on ZFS however those folders are not mounted automatically, they are marked as legacy mountpoints and are mounted through a file in /usr/local/etc/fstab/ by one of the jail when the jail is starting. So the problem is that...
  18. T

    Fatal trap 12 immediately at boot for install

    First post:rolleyes: I wanted to try FreeBSD on my PC but it's giving me trouble. The PC is relatively new, Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7, 32GB DDR4 with Core i5-6600K. BIOS is set to defaults, no overclock. Memory has been tested overnight, 4 complete passes no faults. System has been...
  19. K

    Installs but isn't a terminal

    I've installed FreeBSD-10.2-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso about 15 times now. The checksum on the iso is good. The first time was encouraging until it quit letting me in. On the third day (that would be six or seven restarts after halt -p shut downs. It quit being a terminal. Upon startup the...
  20. UncleBAZINGA

    Solved Kernel panic vesa module not found (for boot splash)

    Hello there, I'm running 10.2-RELEASE with GENERIC kernel. I'm trying to use a boot splash screen and did the implementation right according to the FreeBSD handbook and the few threads here in the board including the correct file format via GIMP. When I boot with boot splash configured it...