1. A

    bxe0 and bxe1 to eth0 and eth1 respectively

    I have a freebsd which has the network interfaces as follows. bxe0, bxe1, igd0 and igd1 I want to move them to names like eth0, eth1 and so on. I know that I can do it in the /etc/rc.conf ifconfig_igb0_name=eth0 but during the boot time the network interfaces are still bxe0, bxe1 etc. Is...
  2. G

    FreeBSD does not boot after installing on external hdd

    I trying install FreeBSD to external HDD from memstick. OS successfully installed, but when I tried to boot absolutely nothing happens. Something like computer tries to find another disk to boot system. In process of installing I choosed Auto(UFS) partition and MBR partition scheme. Nothing...
  3. S

    Installing Freebsd 13.1 fails right after booting

    Machine: 1. motherboard: asus tuf gaming z490-plus(wifi) 2. cpu: i7-10700K 3. ram: 32gb ddr4 4. no dedicated GPU What I've tried? I've put on my pendrive (sandisk) with installed Ventoy, these files: - FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso - FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img -...
  4. gpw928

    Other Backblaze Drive Stats for SSD Boot Disks

    Backblaze 2022 Drive Stats Mid-year Review, SSD Edition, suggests that SSDs are more reliable as boot disks than traditional disks.
  5. First_Law_of_Unix

    Installing "compat/Linux" delays FreeBSD boot by 3 mins.

    Hello, I wanted to use Chrome on FreeBSD and I had to install compat linux on FreeBSD 13.1 (Needed chrome since google syncing to chromium is now not supported from google) After installing compat Linux, rebooting now delays 3 mins. I took a screen shot of the booting texts, shows it has...
  6. byrnejb

    qemu Linux vm with virt-manager, problems with install/post install.

    I created a vm for 'rocky linux' using virt-manager. A virtual console was presented and the install was completed normally. When I rebooted from the console the machine evidently restarted and is currently running. However, I cannot get a console window to open. The virt-manager display...
  7. Sivan!

    not much of a boot delay, but too many entries in dmesg

    drm loads nine different firmware images, there is a struggle setting up the amplifier ? and multiple entries starting with 'pcm' The output of dmesg looks ugly, what might have gone wrong with the settings? My speakers are not connected at the moment, I modified config files while trying...
  8. zc4r

    How to start tshark on ttyv1 and ttyv2 on boot

    I'm trying to get tshark to load before login on my FreeBSD 13.1 server. Preferably I would want ttyv0 to act as the server system notifications, ttyv1 should run on boot: tshark -i re0 -t ud -P -V -u hms -b interval:86400 -w /tmp/tshark_re0_PV.pcap and ttyv2 should run on boot: tshark -i re0 -P...
  9. dave

    Solved freebsd-update to 13.1-RELEASE Fails to Boot

    I was using freebsd-update to upgrade a box to 13.1-RELEASE. Here is the command I used to start the process... freebsd-update upgrade -r 13.1-RELEASE I followed the usual process and when prompted to reboot the first time, rebooted. Now I get this... | \ ______ ____ _____...
  10. S

    Solved ZFS - Mount second drive in fstab - no such file or directory.

    I am trying to install FreeBSD on ZFS. I did this with an manual ZFS installation by changing the freebsd-ufs to freebsd-zfs. I have two disks. The capacity does not matter. One is for the root partition, the other is for /home. On boot, it throws up a console that cannot find the disk or...
  11. G

    System doesn't boot in multi user mode

    After an incorrect shutdown of the computer, the system enters single-user mode at startup.
  12. chiefsucker

    Solved Encrypted & Mirrored ZFS vdevs Stopped Booting After Resilvering

    I had a setup with 4x4 TB disks, with two mirrors consisting of two disks each, giving me about 8 TB of usable storage space. One mirror consists of ada0 & ada2, the other mirror of ada1 & ada3. I needed to upgrade storage space, so I decided to upgrade one mirror by resilvering two times. I...
  13. dr3mro

    Solved How to set FreeBSD 13.1 boot VT message font

    Hello, I have successfully installed FreeBSD on a Thinkpad x250 and every thing works great. I did install sway and qutebrowser for now it is just a basic setup to get the laptop functional enough for my basic needs. In short I have one simple annoyance that is the the boot messages font is too...
  14. priyadarshan

    Solved How to launch sshd earlier on in the boot sequence?

    At the moment sshd is launched quite late in the booting process. We would need to have sshd running as early as possible on our servers, right after the firewall starts, or, on some local-network only servers, even as soon as possible. Where can one read about a safe, upgrade-compatible way to...
  15. Z

    FreeBSD BananaPi SDcard u-boot, sector alignment and stripesize - HowTo and DontKnowHowTo +Resume

    Hello BSDler, my first post here in the BSD area at all. Please be patient. O:‑) I used FreeBSD before in some virtual environments, compiled simple applications / driver. But not that much. Instead, I have several years of experience in linux. Just as a sideinfo about me. I want to use...
  16. tarkhil

    Non-trivial (or rather trivial) boot question

    Hello I have a server, a bit aged but still able and fit for most of my needs. Trying to speed it up and free two disk hotswap places, I've perusaded server's owner to purchase two NVME PCI cards for boot and ZFS cache. After installing them, I've (suddenly!) find out that the motherboard...
  17. M

    Unable to boot / install | (cannot open loader.lua)

    I can't install FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE or FreeBSD-14.0-CURRENT on my notebook. I get the following error message when I try to boot / install from the USB flash drive. Consoles: EFI console Reading loader env vars from /efi/freebsd/loader.env FreeBSD/amd64 EFI loader, Revision 1.1 (Thu Nov 4...
  18. C

    Encrypted ZFS root - boot broken

    I've just had a "wonderful" time thanks to whoever maintains zfs - after doing a zpool upgrade, it told me to do It didn't even tell me that this will break my EFI boot. Granted, I was stupid to simply believe what I read and to do it anyway, since it says "mbr" in there. Here comes the...
  19. Keltir

    Solved Very load sound in headphones during boot

    Hello! I have FreeBSD 13 on my desktop(AMD Ryzen). Everything is pretty smooth expect one little but very annoying issue. During boot(specifically during sound card/system init) I have very very loud sound in my headphones for a short moment. It's like when you power on huge speakers using...
  20. Jaskie

    Solved I lost bootcode in BSD slice, a lot. Help me found out WHY?

    Hi guys. I am a newbie in the BSD world. I've been using Linux for a few year just as desktop stuff, no development-related work. A few days ago I decided to give FreeBSD with ZFS a try. Anyway, I installed FreeBSD dual booting Windows in a disk, the laptop is legacy BIOS boot with MBR partition...