1. jrronimo

    Solved Tried to replace da0 in RAIDZ2, now server won't boot. (Ended up rebuilding OS install.)

    Hello! I have a lot of background info of my setup here, but the short version is: FreeBSD 12.2 server, RAIDZ2 with 5 disks in a RAIDZ2. I just tried to replace drive da0, and now my server won't boot. I'm sure I set this all up wrong, but I hope someone can help me recover. Earlier, I was...
  2. F

    Freeze boot FreeBSD 13.0

    I've been using FreeBSD on a virtual machine for a while now, for the reason that I'm a noob, in case it breaks something. Well I have decided to use FreeBSD as the base system, but my problem is that it is impossible for me to boot FreeBSD. I followed the steps in the manual, I got the...
  3. fr33bsd

    Other UnGeli On Stick

    Hi People, using freebsd you can encrypt the system pool zroot. But then you have to enter the passphrase on each boot-up. Please, excuse that I do not know that much about geli and the boot up mechanisms in freebsd. I am still learning. As far as I know you can use key files to attach a geli...
  4. G

    FreeBSD will no longer boot (RPi)

    (Am new to BSD, and use archlinux as my daily driver) I was trying to configure FreeBSD 13 on my Raspberry Pi 4 for use as a home server. It no longer boots, and I suspect the reason is changes I made to `/etc/fstab` but I'm not totally sure. When it boots it hangs here: The problem is that...
  5. mutterhunt

    xen xen-kernel doesn't start at all

    I have a i7 ivy-bridge put to CSM compatibility with BIOS first. My settings for the dom0 are: /boot/loader.conf: kernel_load="YES" vfs.root.mountfrom=ad1p6 set vfs.root.mountfrom.options=rw if_bridge_load="YES" if_tap_load="YES" vmm_load="YES" fusefs_load="YES" xen_kernel="/boot/xen"...
  6. R

    freebsd always hanging at efi framebuffer information.

    Hi, I'm new here, and I have been trying to install FreeBSD on my virtual machine for a while, but the problem is that FreeBSD always hangs on the boot screen, more specifically at the EFI framebuffer information. I have a screenshot of the issue and I tried a lot of things: change the devices...
  7. I

    How to change passphrase for encrypted ZFS disk?

    How to change passphrase for encrypted ZFS disk for FreeBSD 13? I saw this post, but "/boot/encryption.key" is not found. Do I change the passphrase by booting into the disk, or booting into the install-disk? And, if I boot into the install-disk, how do I mount the specific partition to change...
  8. megarubber

    Solved FreeBSD can’t boot

    Hello everyone. I have a computer with Windows, Arch and Lubuntu and all these systems are booting from a Multi-Boot. Recently, I decided to download freebsd for some tests and decided to put the OS in my multi-boot. I allocated 20 GB, installed in UEFI/GPT and made 3 partitions from UFS...
  9. schojo

    ZFS i/o error - all block copies unavailable after freebsd-update

    Hi all, i just did a freebsd-update fetch, freebsd-update install and reboot from 13.0-RELEASE to 13.0-RELEASE-p2 and get greeted with this: Just yesterday everything was fine, zpool status had all four hard disks ONLINE... what can i do? :/
  10. F

    Where is the FreeBSD first boot setup scripts

    I want to modify and add some commands on first system installation screen. So how can I?
  11. R

    ZFS Boot issues when creating raidz zpool storage.

    I have 3 disk attached to the system and I wanted to setup it as raidz, after running set commands by gpart show output looks like below (vtpd0 , da0 and da1 are disk attached to system ) root@mfsbsd:/temp # gpart show => 40 167772080 vtbd0 GPT (80G) 40 1024 1...
  12. P

    Unable to modify the screen resolution for console

    Hi, I’m trying to decrease the screen resolution for the console on my laptop which has a default resolution 1920x1080 ( 12.5 ‘’) booting in UEFI. At the end of the boot, I got a nice console very bright and clear but with it's very very small and makes the reading very complicated After...
  13. acunha

    How to shrink the Boot disk to add L2ARC

    Hello! Happy and healthy 2021 to every and each one! This is my story: I've just built a FreeBSD machine to use primarly as a NFS/ZFS home server. CPU is a Pentium G4560 (7th gen), case NAS 800, MoBo mini-ITX, 32GB ECC mem and 5x 4TB HDD Toshiba N300. MoBo has only 6 SATA connections in...
  14. B

    Solved System wide GELI encryption password change

    I've set up remote VPS systems with GELI disk encryption, including swap encryption, during FreeBSD 12.2 installation. I've locked down SSH quite securely too so I presume now when remoting in, security is reasonably assured. I want to address the possibility that within the VPS terminal's web...
  15. Y

    "Operating System Not Found" on ThinkPad G40

    Hello, I have an old IBM ThinkPad G40 with an mSATA to IDE adapter so I could use an SSD in the machine. The installation went just fine. However, when I boot the machine (from the drive), it says "Operating System Not Found". I'm not sure if this is related, but the BIOS does not have...
  16. V

    Multi user = stuck at logo. Single user = kernel panic

    tl;dr I added 'snd_driver_load="YES"' and now I am stuck at freebsd logo with loud fans. I haven't been able to get audio to work on my new FreeBSD 13-CURRENT install. I had basically tried everything, reconnected everything and pressed every google, bsd forum and bug tracker link and done...
  17. M

    can't boot HP xw9400

    On my HP xw9400, when I boot from a stick with FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-amd64, I get a list as follows BIOS drive C: is disk0 through BIOS drive H: is disk5 | Then it hangs at the vertical bar. Why might this be?
  18. A

    Trouble writing arm64-aarch64-memstick to microSD to boot netgate sg-1000

    I have a mini router from netgate - the SG-1000. It is sold as a pfsense device but it has a microSD card slot inside of it. I have what I *thought* was a good recipe for writing a FreeBSD img file to an SD card, but when I put the SD card into the netgate SG-1000 (and insert the jumper on the...
  19. J

    FreeBSD stuck requesting Login

    So I tried to install FreeBSD (furyBSD) on virtualbox till it stpped booting and requested a login idk what do do I tried root and no password
  20. M

    Solved FreeBSD fails ( and other BSDs) to boot if system has more than 5 devices

    Only recently started to try BSD systems but for my dismay whenever I booted a system that had more than 5 devices ( HDDs, SSDs , USB drives ) it locks ( freezes ) during the device enumeration. Found this behaviour in several flavours ( FreeBSD, OpenBSD, XigmaNAS, GhostBSD ) in several...