ZFS FreeBSD installation onto zfs root (mirror) using sysinstall ...



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I am going to install my new system with a zpool mirror volume as the root.

The instructions for this process are quite clear and I see how to follow them:

... all the way through using install.sh to:

for dir in base catpages dict doc games info lib32 manpages ports;

However, I am curious - if i want to jump back into the curses sysinstall, is there any reason not to ? That is, after I create the pool:

zpool set bootfs=zroot zroot
... why are we doing the rest manually ? Can I just ^D at that point and proceed through normal sysinstall ? Why manually 'zfs create' all the little directories like /var/crash, /var/db, /var/empty ... and everything else ?

Does sysinstall not know how to work with a zfs FS at all ?