1. Keve

    loader.efi freezes loading kernel

    Hello forum-readers, I have a 2006 iMac 4,1 with an Intel Core Solo processor and 32-bit EFI 1.1, and I am trying to run FreeBSD 11.2R/i386 on it. It looks to me that FreeBSD's 32-bit EFI loader is found, loaded, started, which in turn DOES find my freebsd-ufs partition, finds the kernel at...
  2. C

    PC gets stuck on "Core id Shift 1" on boot.

    Good day, everyone. I recently installed FreeBSD 11.2 on my desktop, however I have been having some issues. My system only boots on safe mode. Whenever I boot with verbose mode, I get stuck on the Core id Shift 1. I asked on reddit's FreeBSD subreddit and was told that it is probably a bug in...
  3. decuser

    (re)installing the boot loader

    In my exploration of /usr/src/sys, I've been looking at boot and messing around with the boot loader. I overwrote my boot0 by booting the 11 dvd and doing: fdisk -B -b /boot/boot0 ada0 Now, I get a simple boot prompt: F1 FreeBSD and I realize that I've changed the boot process (this is a...
  4. priyadarshan

    Which drive is the boot drive?

    On one server I have two identical Samsung 960 SSDs, with identical FreeBSD 11.1-Release install, showing up as /dev/nvd0 and /dev/nvd1. Beside somehow altering a drive's content, how does one know which is the boot drive? I read The FreeBSD Booting Process, but I could not find a clue there.
  5. Nicola Mingotti

    Warning: FreeBSD not booting in BeagleBone Green

    Hi guys, I just made a coupole of test trying to boot FreeBSD-11.1 and FreeBSD-CURRENT-7-march-2018 into a BeagleBone Green. It does not boot. I attach two screenshots. The problem seems to be the Device Tree Blob. I guess this should be sent to developers in CURRENT at least, do you know...
  6. scrappywan

    /etc/rc.d/cron does not start at boot

    I recently installed FreeBSD 11.1 on my desktop and wanted to use zfs-tools to create periodic snapshots. Everything related to zfs-tools including my crontab file is setup exactly as another FreeBSD server I run. The only issue on my desktop is that cron does not start, or fails to start during...
  7. rigoletto@

    New boot loader comming soon.

    So there is a NEW Lua written boot loader coming, and should be back ported to 11.X-RELEASE (but off by default for now).
  8. dorsai

    Pine A64+ boot problem

    Hey guys, Been trying to get FreeBSD installed on the Pine A64+ (Rev B, 2016-02-24; 1GB), but have run into problems. Was hoping someone might have some pointers on how to hop over those. I've tried a number of images but not having the TTL cable yet I'm stuck with those that show stuff on my...
  9. J

    Install different FreeBSD versions on separate partitions (GPT/EFI)?

    I already have RELEASE-11.1 installed on a partition on a 2015 MacbookAir, which I boot using the Refind boot manager installed on my ESP (EFI System Partition) and boot1.efi which I manually moved to my ESP, and this works great! :-) I would also like to install FreeBSD-CURRENT on another...
  10. P

    Solved Persistent Changes

    Does FreeBSD have Persistent Changes option?
  11. Petr Fischer

    Solved Replacing failed disk in ZFS (bootable) mirror - how to recover bootsector

    Hello, I have simple ZFS mirror from 2 disks. Contains zroot. Is bootable (GPT). 1) ZFS mirror was created during FreeBSD installation - I assume, that installer wrote proper gpt bootsector to both disks, so when one disk die in the future, system can boot from second disk - is this true? 2)...
  12. simonpie

    Which image for apu processor

    Hello, I am thinking to buy a apu2c4 board to build a gateway at home. It has an amd 64 puma architecture. But from the page of freebsd, this amd architecture does not seem to be supported. So, which image should I use ? If anyone care, please feel free to propose another board as long as...
  13. I

    ZFS Failed to boot: unsuported feature: org.illumos.sha512

    Hello, Today I upgraded my FreeBSD 11-STABLE to recent version r322164. After that I cannot boot from my pool: Booting from Hard Disk... ZFS: unsuported feature: org.illumos.sha512 ZFS: pool zironroot is not supported gptzfsboot: failed to mount default pool zironroot FreeBSD/x86 boot Default...
  14. Bean6754

    Solved HP ProLiant Gen8 (G1610T) fails to boot.

    I'm trying to install FreeBSD 11 on the HP ProLiant Gen8 (G1610T). But it fails to boot on using the default FreeBSD bootloader. The drives as configured as AHCI devices via the BIOS. The boot drive is formated using a GPT partition table using the ZFS filesystem and the bootloader is set to...
  15. S

    what happens after FreeBSD boot?

    Hi How can I found what has happen after boot? I mean I want to know after boot is /etc/rc.conf read or /etc/loader.conf or ...
  16. Joze

    Solved Edit to boot/load.conf resulting in boot loop

    Hi. While looking for a way to change screen resolution, I referred to the handbook but faced problems so went to a thread in here that suggested i typed vesa_load="YES" in /boot/loader.conf then restart. Since the restart, freebsd just keeps rebooting with: module_register_init: MOD_LOAD...
  17. G

    Other Mounting external USB disk during boot on raspberrypi

    I am running FreeBSD 11 on a Raspberrypi B+. I have added an externally powered USB drive and formatted it with ufs from the Raspberrypi itself. The drive is new: I bought it today and I performed a complete surface check before using it. So, after formatting it on the rpi I could mount it. I...

    Bhyve - trying to mount root

    Sometime I encounter the problem with boot UFS in bhyve VM. When I start or restart the guest I think in my mind it starts but just It doesn't start completely. Connection to the console has no effects due to the "black" screen with no console messages. But when I start bhyve VM with console...
  19. jstln

    Adding TrueOS to FreeBSD Bootloader

    Hi. My machine is a 64bit with GPT partition table and NO UEFI support. I created 50GB partition and gave it to trueos in install. the installation create a zpool and all it wanted on that automatically. Now is there a way to add TrueOS entry to FreeBSD boot loader which is installed on the next...
  20. F

    Solved Adding additional GELI encrypted devices to decrypt at boot time-ZFS on Root without boot partition

    I just performed a FreeBSD 11.0 install using the guided ZFS install option with encryption enabled. After installing, I'd now like to add an additional set of disks to decrypt at boot-time, ideally, using the same process as the root drives. Could anyone point me to the documentation as to...