1. andrewschools

    BCM20702A0 bluetooth dongle not working

    Hello - Warning: I'm new to FreeBSD. I've looked at a lot of posts and cannot figure this out. I have done some debugging with the code to realize that it doesn't seem to pass the function call usbd_lookup_id_by_uaa in /usr/src/netgraph/bluetooth/drivers/ubt/ng_ubt.c. But to further debug, I...
  2. sidetone

    idea about Bluetooth version 4 development for all BSD communities

    The BSD community, not only FreeBSD, should look into supporting Bluetooth version 4 drivers. Bluetooth version 4 dongles are backward compatible with devices using previous Bluetooth versions, and they are inexpensive. It's not worth wasting time on Bluetooth version 2 and 3 dongle drivers...
  3. K

    RTL8821ae drivers

    Hello everyone, I'm just wondering how to make this driver work, its a WiFi+bluetooth chip. Does this one[RTL8821ae] not work with FreeBSD? I have ordered a new one, an intel 7260 5G+Bluetooth but it'll be a few weeks & I need this thing to work for the bluetooth ASAP. Thank you for your time.
  4. K

    How to bluetooth?

    Hello everyone, I am just wondering how I can use bluetooth on FreeBSD. Is there a GUI bluetooth manager or must I use the terminal? And if so, how do I do that? Thank you.
  5. GregTheHun

    Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Audio

    Hi all, I was working on a project with my older Raspberry Pi 1 (512MB RAM) I have an ASUS USB-BT400m which appears to work according to FreeBSD, but I was trying to setup the bluetooth as a bluetooth audio source that other speakers can connect to. Any ideas, or is this even possible?
  6. K

    New user to BSD, coming from Linux

    Hi everyone, I have just started to try out FreeBSD. I'm installing xorg at the moment. I know that I'm going to run into troubles with installing stuff so I figured I'd make a thread on the forums & see what I can learn! I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, I don't know what section...
  7. R

    Bluetooth security flaw

    Ouch! What with the Equifax hack and now ... A set of vulnerabilities affecting "almost every" Bluetooth-connected desktop, mobile, and smart device on the market has been revealed
  8. T

    /etc/rc.d/bluetooth - enable or disable variable?

    When I run the bluetooth script I notice it doesn't have any variables: root@www# service bluetooth rcvar # bluetooth # compare to another random service root@www# service ntpd rcvar # ntpd # ntpd_enable="YES" # (default: "") so, most other services have an "enable" variable that I can put...
  9. W

    bluetooth with dual install on iMac

    To whom it may concern. Installed FreeBSD 11.0 on separate partition on 21" iMac (2010). Tried to activated bluetooth mouse according to Handbook 30.5. Lots of ominous error reports in /var/log/messages. When fiddling around with commands, at one occasion I entered ...disconnect... with...
  10. asys

    Integrated bluetooth on mini PCIe wireless card

    Some wireless card comes with bluetooth module integrated on them. Are these bluetooth modules supported by FreeBSD? As far as i'm aware of, the handbook had only mentioned about USB bluetooth dongle. For instance, Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 comes with integrated bluetooth module. The...
  11. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    2016 A.D.: bluetooth audio yet?

    I searched the FreeBSD forums for any mention of an applicaton which will send sound to a bluetooth pair of headphones. The answer was "not yet", but the most recent such answer that I found was in 2013. Anythiing newer than that for FreeBSD bluetooth audio?
  12. JBlake

    Blacklist kernel module ?

    Hello, I've some troubles with Bluetooth module ng_ubt on FreeBSD 10.3 . It is automatically loaded at boot, despite ng_ubt_load="NO" put in /boot/loader.conf. Even if I manually unload with kldunload ng_ubt it reloads itself back(?!), as shown by kldstat. This module turns on bluetooth device...
  13. B

    USB Bluetooth dongle

    Does FreeBSD have support for any USB Bluetooth dongles?
  14. beastDemian

    FreeBSD-CURRENT - Mouse not detected

    I wasn't sure if this thread belonged here or in the "development" section, but since it concerns the installation of FreeBSD I might as well post it here. Feel free to move it to the appropiate section. A few days ago I installed a snapshot of 11-CURRENT in order to test the new i915 driver...
  15. ronaldlees

    Bluetooth 3.x support on FreeBSD

    Hi: Does anyone know the status of Bluetooth 3 support on FreeBSD? Or NetBSD? (don't really expect an answer for the latter :-) )
  16. S

    Bluetooth btpand failing between two FreeBSD hosts

    Is anybody trying to use Bluetooth as a cheap WiFi replacement? I tried btpand to share the uplink connection, bridging the Ethernet interface and tap0 created for btpand, between two hosts running 9.2-STABLE i386. In /etc/bluetooth, hosts and hcsecd.conf were edited with bdaddr of devices found...
  17. B

    BadBIOS circumventing ACPI disabling to load bluetooth cont

    BadBIOS and FOXACID infected my computers and replacement computers. BadBIOS circumvented booting to live PC-BSD DVD. Dragos Ruiu, discoverer of BadBIOS reported BadBIOS circumvents DVDs. Therefore, I purchased PC-BSD and GhostBSD from BadBIOS prevented booting. Therefore...
  18. gentoobob

    FreeBSD 9.2 bluetooth not working

    So I am not sure if this is a driver issue or I am doing something wrong or missing a step. I'm convinced it's driver related. First time using Bluetooth in FreeBSD. I followed the Handbook for Bluetooth. Two issues that I see that are different from what the Handbook shows. when starting...
  19. Y

    Troubleshoot unrecognized Bluetooth device

    This is one of the few pieces of hardware that I still couldn't get to work. # usbconfig -u 1 -a 3 dump_device_desc ugen1.3: <BCM20702A0 Broadcom Corp> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON (0mA) bLength = 0x0012 bDescriptorType = 0x0001 bcdUSB = 0x0200 bDeviceClass...
  20. sk8harddiefast

    pc-bluetoothmanager from PC-BSD to FreeBSD

    HI. I thought to give a try to port somehow the pc-bluetoothmanager and pc-bluetoothtray from PC-BSD to FreeBSD. First I install from ports libpcbsd. cd /usr/ports/sysutils/libpcbsd && make install clean After I download from GitHub the PC-BSD source...