Cant pair bluetooth headset, anyone can help me?


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FreeBSD 12.1

What configuration i have:

ASUSTek Computer, Inc. Qualcomm Bluetooth 4.1 integrated in motheboard.
JBL 500 BT Headset

Ok, what i tried to do:

1) scan with bluetooth-config always done, after i answer yes, new headset added to hcsecd.conf with nokey/nopin attributes. Looks like everything success, but headset always still blinking... Ok, after switched it off, and then turned on again, i see such thing: it is trying to search, 10-15 sec after it, is switching to blink/pairing mode again.

I ran hcsecd with -d key, and saw such picture:

Found matching entry, remote bdaddr 0:80:37:29:19:a4, name '****', link key doesn't exist

Sending Link_Key_Negative_Reply to 'ubt0hci' for remote bdaddr 0:80:37:29:19:a4

Headset start blinking, and nothing else happens, until i restart the bluetooth stack.

What am I doing wrong?