How to enable bluetooth on Thinkpad X250?

What I want to achieve:

On 12.2-RELEASE I would like to connect wireless earbuds, Enacfire E19, with Thinkpad X250.

What I am stuck with:

I am not sure how to enable Bluetooth on Thinkpad X250 and to connect the earbuds with the laptop.




That page says Thinkpad X250 has two bluetooth interfaces:
  • ThinkPad Wireless 2 x 2 BGN with Bluetooth
  • Intel 7265 AC/B/G/N Dual Band Wireless + Bluetooth Version 4.0
I took a look at the manual (, but I am not sure how to configure the device.

I have run:
# kldload ng_ubt
And tried:
# service bluetooth start ubt0
But it returns:
/etc/rc.d/bluetooth: ERROR: Unable to setup Bluetooth stack for device ubt0
Since Bluetooth was enabled on another X250, I expect it should work on my machine too.

Additional Information:
- My probe on
- freebsd-version: 12.2-RELEASE
- Earbuds:
- Laptop: Thinkpad X250 (

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

After running sysrc bthidd_enable=yes ; service bthidd start, it returns:

/etc/rc.d/bthidd: WARNING: /etc/bluetooth/bthidd.conf is not readable.
/etc/rc.d/bthidd: WARNING: failed precmd routine for bthidd
Do I need to prepare bthidd.conf by myself?

If so, it would be great if I could have a template for that.

Thanks in advance,