1. Mjölnir

    Bluetooth on ThinkPad (ng_ubt)

    Dear wizzards, I have time until saturday to get the Bluetooth on my ThinkPad T450s up & running. It is not an external USB dongle, but internal inside the laptop; I strongly guess it's bundled within the WLAN card. I found some message about ubt0 in /var/run/dmesg.boot, so I loaded ng_ubt &...
  2. olli@

    Using Bluetooth audio devices (speaker, headphones, earbuds) with FreeBSD

    Here’s just a small recommendation if you want to connect Bluetooth audio devices to a FreeBSD machine, such as wireless speakers or headphones. Unfortunately, FreeBSD’s support for Bluetooth audio devices is rather weak. Some devices work via the virtual_oss port, but many don’t work. It also...
  3. sidetone

    Bluetooth and FreeBSD

    Someone asked, and I'll post this here... I've never gotten it to work. I've only gotten remote devices (as in apart from the dongle) to show up, but they didn't show up as Bluetooth devices. I don't remember the output status of my Bluetooth dongle (it was either version 3 or 4). Avoid...
  4. diortemew

    AX200 Love?

    Looking at this: Intel AX200/AX201 I am under the impression I cannot use this card with my system (see pic): Or is there a way and I don't see it? I got this for Christmas and I love the Bluetooth 5.1 this baby has. I really want to put it to work (currently using a thumb-sized network adapter...
  5. I

    How to enable bluetooth on Thinkpad X250?

    What I want to achieve: On 12.2-RELEASE I would like to connect wireless earbuds, Enacfire E19, with Thinkpad X250. What I am stuck with: I am not sure how to enable Bluetooth on Thinkpad X250 and to connect the earbuds with the laptop. ---- Details: -...
  6. G

    Problem with bluetooth

    Hi: I have recently installed freeBSD on my laptop and I am trying to send and receive files from the PC to the laptop; on the PC I have installed LinuxMInt. I have no problem sending files from the laptop to the PC, but when I try to do the reverse the PC says "Unable to find service record"...
  7. D

    Bluetooth FreeBSD dongle USB chipset Broadcom

    Hello, I would like to post my problem with FreeBSD bluetooth my USB bluetooth dongle is recognized under FreeBSD but when I use this command it does not work. No ok with this command: sudo bash -c "bthidcontrol -a 58: b3: fc: e7: 3c: fa query >> /etc/bluetooth/bthidd.conf" Could not perform...
  8. R

    Bluetooth Development

    Considering the state of bluetooth even following all of the available documentation driver support is patchy at best. Are there any plans for further bluetooth Development on FreeBSD? I know that the codebase is lacking and bluetooth is not an ideal standard, but it has mainstream adoption and...
  9. ThoughtCriminal

    Wanting to code a bluetooth driver. Starting point?

    OK, SO... I am running FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE on a Lenovo x260 I got the mobile broadband module working after some help and encouragement from members of the forums. In an effort to have everything working on the laptop I've come up to a problem... Bluetooth on this device doesn't seem to be...
  10. F

    APPLE MacBook Pro A1502 Bluetooth Mouse MAGIC 2 not work

    Dear Friend How to solve this problem? Best Regards
  11. Tracker

    How to Bluetooth?

    I followed the Bluetooth chapter from the handbook but after loading kldload ng_ubt My system couldn't detect ubt0 under either /var/log/messages or under dmesg. When I boot via aUbuntu stick it works perfectly fine and gives the following under lsusb Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0489:e011 Foxconn...
  12. pela0

    HID Descriptor for a BT Mouse

    Hi Forum, I'm trying to connect my old Kensington SureTrack BT mouse via hccontrol... it connects with no fuss but X,Y and Z axis are wrong. I used /usr/src/usr.sbin/bluetooth/bthidd/bthidd.conf.sample bthidd.conf as a starting point, but HID descriptor seems to be wrong. Could anyone point...
  13. F

    Bluetooth Mouse

    Dear everyone Who can teach me how to connect Bluetooth mouse? please step by step
  14. Y

    Where is the FreeBSD-BLE

    (I mean the I've searched the base and ports, cannot find it. Or its functionality has been merged into some other tools? Many thanks!!!
  15. sdalu

    Bluetooth peripheral automatic handling

    Is there a way to automatically detect nearby bluetooth peripheral (say headset or smartphone) and perform the necessary action to use them? (for headset run virtual_oss, or for smartphone allow file transfers). The only idea that came to me is having cronjob performing hccontrol -n ubt0hci...
  16. enkinambal

    Cant pair bluetooth headset, anyone can help me?

    FreeBSD 12.1 What configuration i have: ASUSTek Computer, Inc. Qualcomm Bluetooth 4.1 integrated in motheboard. JBL 500 BT Headset Ok, what i tried to do: 1) scan with bluetooth-config always done, after i answer yes, new headset added to hcsecd.conf with nokey/nopin attributes. Looks like...
  17. T

    Audio on bluetooth with virtual_oss

    I had some driver issues, but got past that.. now I am able to connect to my speaker and it makes the connection sound and then I get a DISCOVER FAILED message and it makes the disconnection sound and it runs in a loop until I force quit it.. its the same for both my BT speaker (UE boom3) and...
  18. olli@

    “Web Bluetooth” support?

    Does FreeBSD support “Web Bluetooth” (with Chromium or other)? I'm asking because of the Bangle.js project on Kickstarter. According to the description, it's “an open-source smart watch which […] can be programmed in JavaScript, using Bluetooth. New apps can be uploaded from your phone or...
  19. drrahulvaghelamusic

    Not Detected / Synaptic touch pad/Headphones/USBs /Bluetooth (SPEAKERS working fine)

    Mouse pad works! it has mouse but synaptic touch pad is not working as scrolling or other functions or it may not be detected ! Sound Works through Speakers but Headphones are unable to connect ! used hw.snd.default_1 by sysctl (0>>1) still no sound ! USD ports are open but they dont detect...
  20. mms.vanbreukelingen

    kernel-crash with ubt0

    I'm trying to setup a bluetooth-box with freeBSD 13. uname -a: FreeBSD freeBSD13 13.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT #0 r351273M: Wed Aug 21 06:50:26 CEST 2019 root@freeBSD13:/usr/obj/usr/src/head/amd64.amd64/sys/GENERIC amd64 loading ng_ubt.ko in /etc/loader.conf service start bluetooth...