1. G

    Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse combo

    Was wondering if bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo's work in freebsd, or if they require any special ports. Specifically looking at Logitech MX5500 combo. Searching for a christmas present so i'm not actually the one using it, nor do I know a ton about freebsd >.> If anyone can help out that would...
  2. N

    Bluetooth HFP and DUN

    Hi all, I have to simulate a mobile phone connection to the car ECU. I would like to know if I should have separate serial connections (rfcomm0 and rfcomm1) to run DUN and hands free to the car ECU or can they work on the same rfcomm channel? Thanks in advance
  3. Nicholas

    GPRS via Bluetooth

    Hi everybody. I'm trying to get GPRS on my FreeBSD (8.0-RC1) the phone is Samsung SGH-J210 (j210 in /etc/bluetooth/hosts) Bluetooth works good. hcsecd is run, hccontrol finds phone and sdpcontrol can browse phone's services. The label in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf: tele2: enable force-scripts set...
  4. M

    Bluetooth & bluez

    bluetooth.h already has a few macros for linux bluez compatibility. How do I request the following bluez macros be added? (this is straight out of bluez's bluetooth.h). I'm porting some Linux Bluetooth software, and find heavy use of these macros. Monty /* Byte order conversions */ #if...
  5. X

    Bluetooth PPP access to a PC

    Hello all Configure Bluetooth for FreeBSD 6.4 for instructions 1. CPC ping 2. Downloading Files / send 3. The problem with PPP access to the PC: start server root# /usr/sbin/rfcomm_pppd -s -C 1 -l rfcomm-server -u 1...
  6. PnzrDrgoon

    Motorola H500 Bluetooth over Skype

    Has anyone got a similar setup working? I have a laptop, and bluetooth USB dongle, and a bluetooth headset I use for my cell phone. I want to install FreeBSD7.1 and be able to use my headset with Skype. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated!
  7. mfaridi

    Asus Bluetooth dongle WL-BTD201M

    My friend give me this Bluetooth dongle , this Bluetooth work good in windows XP and Vista , How I can use it in FreeBSD ???