1. U

    How to learn my bluetooth device?

    İ checked handbook and forums and i need to know if my bluetooth device is broadcom or not. How can i learn my bluetooth device. İ mean inside the computer.
  2. luansouza_1991


    I accessed the freshports site and didn't see any application to manage the bluetooth, I thought of Blueman,, I didn't find it,I thought the freebsd developers might release something of their own,but so far I couldn't get bluetooth to work. "I am...
  3. sidetone

    Show or describe your HID configuration: Peripheral hardware

    HID devices include keyboards, gamepads/joysticks, penpads/touchpads, mice... This can be for any type of HID device, from the old architecture, from x86-input, from the newer driver architecture, from Antimicro or Bluetooth. Any HID that runs on FreeBSD. Even plans on what to do with it. Or...
  4. sidetone

    Bluetooth: investigating dongle use for HID hardware: FreeBSD 13

    Bluetooth Human Interface Device peripherals are on BTHIDD architecture, rather than UHID, IICHID or USBHID architectures. BTHIDD is based on libusb, so it doesn't have the range of hardware compatibility that USBHID has. HID-over-I2C was by Microsoft, so wasn't supported by Apple, and it isn't...
  5. lissyara

    hccontrol -n ubt0hci inquiry not see any bluetooth mouse

    I try 13.1-RELEASE and 12.3-RELEASE I try intel/realtec/Qualcomm bluetooth integrated in wifi or usb device try with different mouses: Logitech G604 and SVEN RX-575SW as example hccontrol -n ubt0hci Read_Local_Version_Information HCI version: Bluetooth HCI Specification 5.1 [0xa] HCI revision...
  6. S

    Intel AC9462 bluetooth unrecognised

    I am running 13.1-RELEASE My system has a PCI card with an AC9462 Wifi/bluetooth chip The bluetooth device shows up in usbconfig as ugen0.3: # usbconfig show_ifdrv ugen0.1: <Intel XHCI root HUB> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=SUPER (5.0Gbps) pwr=SAVE (0mA) ugen0.1.0: uhub0: <Intel XHCI root...
  7. F

    Bluetooth 5.0 dongle not showing any list of devices

    Hello! I have attached a brand new Bluetooth 5.0 USB dongle for a FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE on my Thinkpad X240. I have followed all the steps on the Bluetooth FreeBSD handbook bash@user: dmesg | grep bt ubt0 on uhub0 ubt0: <Bluetooth Radio> on usbus0 I need to start the service twice; bash@user...
  8. C

    Setting up Bluetooth

    I'm new to FreeBSD, coming from Linux. I have the Qualcomm Atheros AR9565/QCA9565, which provides both WiFi and Bluetooth. WiFi works fine since the installation, so I'm guessing the correct driver & firmware are there. However, when I try to run `$ service bluetooth start`, I get There's no...
  9. sidetone

    Howto: Enabling multimedia keys, gamepads/joysticks for desktop; usbhid

    Enabling usbhid usbhid gives the ability to use newer advanced hid drivers. The ability to use usbhid must be turned on from /boot/loader.conf: hw.usb.usbhid.enable="1" Then, load the driver through /etc/rc.conf: kld_list="usbhid" Turning this module on from /boot/loader.conf won't work. Once...
  10. angeryman

    Solved Bluetooth Mouse in FreeBSD 13 - Logitech M337

    Logitech M337 couldn't connect and use in FB 13, I try may time and get a way to solve it. I hope it wouls help someone else. 1. Make sure mouse bd_addr IS *NOT* in the /var/db/bthidd.hids: the bd_addr of the mouse from bthidd.hids file 2. Restart bthidd deamon: service bthidd restart
  11. Andriy

    Bluetooth dongle for passive monitoring

    I am looking for a Bluetooth dongle that's supported by FreeBSD. Its intended use is primarily to passively receive Bluetooth (BLE) broadcast advertisements transmitted by sensors. So, the candidate dongle should have good reception sensitivity. I think that an external antenna should be a big...
  12. Crivens

    Bughunting bluetooth audio

    # service hcsecd onestart hcsecd does not exist in /etc/rc.d or the local startup directories (/usr/local/etc/rc.d), or is not executable # service bluetooth start ubt0 bluetooth does not exist in /etc/rc.d or the local startup directories (/usr/local/etc/rc.d), or is not executable This is...
  13. B

    to make work BT usb dongle based on rtl8761b

    Hi! I just can't make a USB BT dongle work. The output of "usbconfig -d ugen1.3 dump_device_desc" is following: ugen1.3: <Realtek Bluetooth Radio> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON (500mA) bLength = 0x0012 bDescriptorType = 0x0001 bcdUSB = 0x0110 bDeviceClass =...
  14. P

    [Bluetooth-audio] How to connect and use Bluetooth headphones on FreeBSD

    Important notes: 1) Tested and confirmed to work on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE. 2) Obviously you need to first confirm whether FreeBSD supports the built-in Bluetooth of your laptop/computer. 3) For this guide, we will focus on Intel Bluetooth as that's my case in particular. Hence the use of...
  15. landauclassic

    8Bitdo Gamepad

    Hello : I am trying to configure a bluetooth gamepad on FreeBSD 13.0, specifically an 8Bitdo SF30, basically a clone of the classic SNES controller. I have not found any information regarding this gamepad in this forum. I have configured , hcsecd and bthidd successfully, actually the...
  16. B

    Getting my USB Controller / Joypad / Gamepad working under FreeBSD 13.0

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to FreeBSD and I use it successfully as my OS of choice for the small VPS project I have. Since I want to get away from Windows in my home in the near future, I am currently testing the viability of FreeBSD as my Desktop OS as well. At the moment I have it on my...
  17. FrostKiwi

    PlayStation 5 DualSense controller pairing

    I would like to connect a DualShock 4 (and PS5 controller later on) with FreeBSD and my integrated (USB) Bluetooth 2.1 or 4.0 chip. With the DualShock 4 connected via USB, controllermap successfully detects both the controller and every single controller button / analog stick. Now I used...
  18. H

    BT speaker with virual_oss volume level

    I managed to run my Chinese BT amp with FreeBSD. I didn't find how to control the audio level. I use the following command to establish a connection with the BT: virtual_oss -B -C 2 -c 2 -r 48000 -b 16 -s 768 -R /dev/null -P /dev/bluetooth/Xpecial_Audio -d dsp /dev/sndstat isn't changed with a...
  19. philmb

    I wrote support for Intel 7260 bluetooth, need testers!

    Hi, I have added support for the 7260 bluetooth card in iwmbtfw. This means that firmware downloading will now work on this card. Unfortunately I've found bluetooth (called netgraph in FBSD) support quite unreliable so far; I can hear a bit of audio coming out of my speakers but then the...
  20. D

    bluetooth Could not connect to HC: 5

    Hello, The configuration of my bluetooth speaker is recognized. I don't understand the error message: hw.snd.basename_clone: 1 -> 0 backend_bt: PSM = 0x19 backend_bt: Could not connect to HC: 5 I have the same configuration on another machine and it works with the same speaker. Both machines...