Which is your desktop environment?


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  • Windows XP, with the threat of Windows 7 on the horizon x(. This is due to my boss's chronic MS Access addiction, but I have a FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE virtual machine that saves me from insanity.
  • FreeBSD 9.2-BETA2 amd64
  • Android, I don't (know|care) the version. I use the phone just to... phone. Nothing else.



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  • Windows 7&8, and Ubuntu Unity
  • KDE4 on PC-BSD 9.2 and OpenSuse, Windows 7, Ubuntu Unity.
  • Some old Symbian, I use my phone mainly as a phone.


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xibo said:
I think a poll should be added to this thread.
As far as I can tell, polls cannot be simply added to existing threads ex postfacto. However, it is possible to start a new thread (with a poll, obviously) and then merge the two. So if the OP, @vanessa, feels like "adding" a poll she can drop me a line.

P.S. Also note that there can be only one poll per thread.
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But it can be done with multiple options. We should exclude the mobile preference from the poll, because all current major platforms use same paradigms and same "desktop" workflow on mobile devices. Home screen(s), icon-based launcher, finger gestures.

Since this is a FreeBSD user forum, it would be nice to see what systems FreeBSD users use.


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  • Windows 7 / Windows Server
  • Openbox + Tint2 on FreeBSD 9.2
  • No, thanks



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Zare said:
because all current major platforms use same paradigms and same "desktop" workflow on mobile devices.
I honestly don't know why... I don't see anyone's phone running GNOME 3 here.


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  1. FreeBSD 10-STABLE ~ XFce 4.10 ~ Xmonad tiling WM / Windows 7
  2. As above, although Windows is seldom used these days at home.
  3. Android 4.2


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Well, I didn't know that I could attach a poll (I hate vBulletin anyway). So @fonz yes, if possible, please start one.

I included the mobile phones because (as it shows) they reflect or complement the desktop usage. For a more complete picture, please let them in.

However, it will be difficult to include all possible DEs right at the start as there are so many (I don't even know all of them). So one of the admins should open the poll and update the choices afterwards upon user comments and inputs.

All agree?

P.S.: according to this blog, polls can be added to existing threads. This feature may have to be enabled by a superuser because I don't see this option under thread tools despite being the thread starter ...
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  • Debian Linux 7.0 / Openbox (workstation), FreeBSD 9-STABLE / FVWM (server)
  • Windows XP/7 to run old proprietary CAD software
  • As said above, some old Symbian, I use my ancient phone mainly as a phone.


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silicium said:
I use my ancient phone mainly as a phone.
Personally, I find it interesting to observe that even on a technical forum such as this several respondents (including yours truly) answer something along the lines of: "I don't have a mobile/smartphone" or: "Smart or not, it's still (allegedly) a damn phone." :)


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I have to agree with @fonz on this. I thought I was going to be the only one with that response. When people ask me what kind of cell phone I have and I say "I don't have one", they look at me either in shock or as if I am lying to them.
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It's nice to be able to sit in Starbucks and SSH into a server or workstation from my phone so I don't look like some European backpacker hauling a ton of electronic devices just to have said coffee.


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  • Windows 7
  • Windows 7 / FreeBSD 9.2 (DE yet to be determined)
  • None whatsoever


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  • Work: if I can't customizing to my liking, then it doesn't count.
  • Home:
    • Desktop: FreeBSD (KDE4)/Ubuntu (Gnome), Windows 7 for software that doesn't
      exist on FreeBSD and Linux. i.e.: Automotive software.
    • Laptop: Arch Linux (KDE4)
  • Mobile: Android 4.2.2; SSH, SFTP, FTP, ADB, BusyBox Tool set. Comes in handy in many