Which is your desktop environment?


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Windows 7 at work (does the DE have a name?)
Yes, it have. But It's bad manners to call its full name in public places :)
Because it includes some "adult language" :D

Personally I don't use any complete desktop environments, I like to create my own DE,
as a WM I use x11-wm/fvwm2, as a file manager/desktop handler x11-fm/pcmanfm, etc.
And I like it much more than popular DE-s, because it is much faster and much more lightweight
and as a result - more usable.



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I am not using desktop environment. I use a window manager instead. In one of my machines, I use FVWM, on another CWM, plus a minimal set of programs just for me. I only try to use cli programs that are quick and unrelated to computer resources. I think that complete desktop environments is a waste of computer resources.


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In the office I have to deal with Windows most of the time. However I use WSL and scoop in powershell to make it more bearable and well most of my screens are terminals and vim, and my browsers always have a plugin installed for vim keybindings.

At home I have a mixture of linux and openbsd and freebsd. On all of them I use openbox. I have my openbox config in git so I can grab it for any machine I am on. Typically it is openbox + tint2+ compton. I will mention to back openbox I add in xfce4 tools and fluxbox so Mod+E calls fbrun Mod+t opens XFCE4-terminal (used to use sakura) and Mod+s opens XFCE4-appfinder. I also have a couple other keybinding tweaks I picked up over the years for some semi tiling behavior like docking a window left or right.

If it is a computer the rest of the family uses, and they are more mouse oriented, I install gnome3 or cinnamon for linux machines and use gdm, for freebsd I find kde5 + sddm better thus far. My only gripe on the sddm side is it only remembers the overall last wm choice not the last wm choice of the user signing in.