Which is your desktop environment?


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  • Arch GNU/Linux with awesome/spectrwm
  • FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE with spectrwm
  • Android 4.2.2



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fonz said:
Eh? I checked and it says 14:59 here.
False alarm. I'm an idiot.

It said 09:59 for me (I'm in UTC -4) and I added 5 hours to get 03:59 (UTC +1). So again, I'm an idiot, because I saw 09:59, ignored the leading 0 and thought 9:59 PM. But, I partially blame the English / western European idea that we should divide up the 24 hours in a day in two. One thing the French and the military got right was to leave the 24 hours alone.

While I'm a it, daylight saving time is a scam.

Sorry for going OT, I'll stop talking now.



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  • Windows 7, Windows XP.
  • Windows 8, FreeBSD (FreeNAS) 9.1.1 (has no DE, but I do use an X server remotely), Xubuntu 13.10 on VirtualBox.
  • Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 920), Android (Nook Color running Jelly Bean from Cyanogen).


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  • Work - mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (one of my hats is SOE development)
  • Home - Primarily OS X Mavericks (MacBook), secondary Windows 8 (gaming - I use it literally as a Steam boot loader), Ubuntu 13.04 (PC-BSD's X setup would not automatically work with my keyboard, which made install "tricky" - more time consuming than I could be bothered with at the time)
  • Phone - iOS. recently ran a HTC One for a couple of weeks, did not like.

All of the above is what I have on bare metal for interactive use, in VMs I have a heap of other stuff.

Will certainly be giving FreeBSD 10 a shot on my desktop (the Windows 8/Ubuntu machine) when it is released, but I suspect my WIFI adapter won't work which would be a deal breaker, as I have no cabling to my home desktop.

For me, most desktop use is either gaming, browsing or ssh sessions, so OS choice (as far as desktop environment preference goes) is rather irrelevant really.

Also, I'll buck the trend here - my phone is used as much more than a phone. My major uses for it are email, browsing, checking the weather (rain radar - I'm a motorcyclist), camera and GPS. Voice is very much secondary.



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  • FreeBSD 9.2/KDE 4.10.5 (Desktop)
  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 (Laptop)
  • Android 4.3 (HTC One)


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  • FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD
  • No frills.
Linux Live CD's for working on others' computers, difficult networks, and quick installations for others. Desktop environments are:
  • Blackbox for standard.
  • KDE4 for pretty looks and for the CMake environment.
  • Enlightenment.
  • Et al et cetera.


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My paid job is road construction through a temporary labor agency. What I use when working on a project has been answered in another of @vanessa's polls.
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  • OpenBSD 5.4 snapshot from 30th of July with Calm Window Manager (CWM)
  • OpenBSD 5.4 snapshot from 30th of July CWM
  • N/A (I have an old-fashioned cheap cell phone).


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I have a work-provided iPad, and work-provided iPhone, and do the majority of my work-related activities using them, so I use iOS at work.



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I got slapped with a Windows 7 machine because that's what everybody else is using in the workplace. Plus I work on a commercial backup and restore application where a huge amount of customers are Windows users only. So...



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b.MATE (Manjaro Linux)
c.Android 4.0.4
This is not a appropriate sample of the society, but a sample of geek community (almost).
It's expected people here use more free software and care less about luxury gadgets.


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My 2cents

Wow - so many windows users visit this forum!

I guess I'll throw my pennies into the pot here. My setups change almost every day, so tomorrow the a,b,c list will not resemble today's. Oh well. I currently have three machines, working. I have others, broken. That also changes daily. Today the three working computers happen to have:

a) FreeBSD-9-STABLE/ X windows alone
b) Haiku-OS/ Haiku Desktop
c) FreeBSD-2.2/ WindowMaker


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a) OS X
b) OS X
c) iOS
Love OS X on the client - nice and stable unix but prefer to run FreeBSD 9.2+ and OpenBSD on my servers



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1) I don't Work
2) FreeBSD 10.2 with Mate DE on desktop. I also use FreeNAS on my home. On my Laptop I use antergos Linux for now but I wait FreeBSD-11 to make the installation
3) Ios 7 on iphone 4, Windows 10 on Microsoft Lumia 640XL and Android on Motorola Xoom.
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1. Primarily OpenBSD with CWM. Occasionally Windows 7.
2. Depending on what machine I'm using, OpenBSD with CWM, Windows 8, or OSX.
3. WebOS, hopefully soon SailfishOS