Which is your desktop environment?


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Main workstation: OpenBSD 5.4, Base install patched to stable, OpenBox, Tint2, Wbar, M:tier package updates

Laptop: Debian 7.2 OpenBox, Tint2, Wbar, wifi-curses

CAD/3D Printing: Fedora Core 19 with XFCE4 and Fedora's 3D printing Bundle. I'm trying to learn OpenSCAD prior to investing in a printer.



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Work: Windows XP (I don't make the decisions.)
Home: FreeBSD 10-BETA4 with Awesome Window manager, Windows 8.1 (For gaming only.)
Mobile: Dumb Phone (I had an Android 2.3 phone for a while but smashed it with a hammer.)



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fonz said:
It's a Samsung(*), so probably Android (but I don't care, it's a phone).
It has a processor, memory and storage space. Thankfully the guys at Berkeley who were playing with UNIX on PDP-11s and later VAX systems didn't think, "I don't care, it's a PC".


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Re: Re:

jrm said:
It has a processor, memory and storage space.
That's all perfectly fine, but I'm rather glad I still have the option of using my phone as a phone and my computer as a computer (BTW my calculator is borderline, but I like fiddling with it so that's ok) :p



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Home: I use FreeBSD with Openbox and tint2.
Mobile: Android; don't know which version and I don't really care.



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I have been using Xfce for a week now and I love it (I usually use GNOME2), it is so fast and simple. I love Fluxbox too, so I switch between them constantly.


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Gentoo with FVWM-Crystal from many years now. I am giving a try to FreeBSD and FVWM-Crystal now. I was really disappointed to see how old is FVWM-Crystal in FreeBSD, that when the new versions have a lot of new, improved and fixed features.


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1) Mac OSX 10.6.8
2) Slackware 14.1 with either framebuffer + tmux, or Xfce
3) OpenBSD 5.4 with Xfce
4) Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread)


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Main laptop: FreeBSD 10
Secondary laptop: Windows 7 Pro/ICAROS in Virtualbox.
IOS 6.1.3 on 3GS phablet.



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Home : FreeBSD 8.4 /KDE
Office : FreeBSD 9.2 / FluxBox
Laptop Home : Windows Vista
Laptop Office : Mac OS X
HP: BlackBerry 10


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a) Windows 7, RedHat 6.5
b) Fedora 20 + Mate, FreeBSD 10 Release + Mate, a bunch of other Linuxes with Mate/XFCE for testing
c) Nexus 5 and 7



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Desktop (really a laptop, but I use it as a Desktop): 9front (Plan 9 fork), FreeBSD 10-RELEASE with cwm, and Windows 7 (for games)
Laptop: 9front and Mac OS X on Mac Book Air.
Raspberry Pis: 9front and Rasbian with cwm
Servers: 9front, FreeBSD 10
Phone: iPhone 5


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  • @home: Debian 7, Xfce4
  • @laptop: FreeBSD 11-CURRENT, Fluxbox
  • @mobile phone: Jolla, Sailfish OS, my-FreeBSD-ambiance


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Home: FreeBSD 10.1 / KDE4
Work and notebook: FreeBSD 10.1 / XFCE
Smartphone: Replicant with ADW


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  • FreeBSD 10.1 with OpenBox
  • Windows 7 (because I don't have the choice)
  • Android
Here a screenshot of my desktop :


Aspiring Daemon

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  • at work : FreeBSD 8.4-STABLE with twm (remotely accessed from home via VNC)
  • at home: FreeBSD 10.1-STABLE with twm
  • on your mobile phone: Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 (Nokia 6110 Navigator)