virtual machine

  1. C

    Setting up a bhyve vm for kernel development and debugging

    I recently set up a bhyve vm on my workstation for kernel development and figured others might be able to make use of my notes as well, because it's really quite easy. VM setup Download a FreeBSD disk image, i.e. 13.2-RELEASE if you're running 13.2. This version should match whatever kernel...
  2. SoBe

    Hyper-V Video Card Correct Use with /etc/rc.conf

    Hello fellow freeBSD community members, I have been trying to get a VM running inside of Hyper-V I get everything working however the generic video driver shows lines when in use. Microsoft stats that freeBSD supports Hyper-V per their website, can anyone help me with the correct driver use to...
  3. kr0m

    Solved VirtualBox black screen

    I am trying to install a Linux VM for testing under VirtualBox, I configure the VM indicating Linux OS and loading ISO install cd in cdrom virtual unit. The VM starts but the screen remains black forever, it doesn't appear any BIOS or cdrom boot menu. I have changed some parameters like VGA card...
  4. Relricey

    general/other How do I install FreeBSD in Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) properly?

    Hi. I recently made a similar poll here: I also want to try virt-manager on Debian 11 to have a working version of FreeBSD. Thanks.
  5. Relricey

    general/other How do I install FreeBSD in GNOME Boxes properly?

    Hi. I'm running Debian 11. I have GNOME Boxes installed as a Flatpak. I've tried various guides on installing FreeBSD as a VM (in other VM Managers) but I can never get it to work properly in GNOME Boxes - low resolution & other miscellaneous issues. I have a AMD Ryzen 7 3800X CPU & a Radeon...
  6. J

    qemu Audio Passthrough from FreeBSD VM to Void linux host

    I have been attempting to get audio passthrough from a FreeBSD VM ( 13.0 ), running with virt-manager ( QEMU ), on Void Linux ( Latest, as of 3/09/21 ). My void setup is currently using Pulseaudio, and I know that FreeBSD uses OSS. I have attempted all the fixes I can find; config changes in...
  7. R

    freebsd always hanging at efi framebuffer information.

    Hi, I'm new here, and I have been trying to install FreeBSD on my virtual machine for a while, but the problem is that FreeBSD always hangs on the boot screen, more specifically at the EFI framebuffer information. I have a screenshot of the issue and I tried a lot of things: change the devices...
  8. T

    general/other Complete VM backup & restore

    Hello there, I m currently running a live freebsd-12 VM with google cloud and I would like to move the image to another provider; is there a way to complete backup & restore the "Live Server" while it is running and restore it to another VM with another provider? saw many articles about rsync...
  9. F

    vmware [INFO] Fullscreen for FreeBSD VMWare

    So I created a virtual machine FreeBSD installed in but it always being in small screen. Not changes when I maximize or minimize screen. Just a square lol. Notes: I already installed open-vm-tools by: pkg install open-vm-tools Its FreeBSD 12.2 Workstation 16.x
  10. okbuddy

    Connecting to the Internet in a FreeBSD Virtual Machine

    Hi, I have recently setup a virtual machine for FreeBSD. I found that I was unable to connect to the internet, I was wondering how I can configure this inside a virtual machine. Thanks!
  11. D

    Installing FreeBSD with serial console on OpenBSDs vmd

    Hey, I need a FreeBSD VM on OpenBSDs vmd. The thing is that OpenBSDs vmd only supports serial console. How do I install FreeBSD with serial console? Has anyone expierence on that topic?
  12. L

    general/other Issue(s) booting FreeBSD 12.2 aarch64 on Parallels Desktop on Apple Silicon

    I've succeeded in importing the 'FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-arm64-aarch64.vhd' into the Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac M1 Preview Edition by converting the given .vhd into .hdd and substitute the .hdd file in the .pvm. However, after booting, issues occur that I can't do anything else. As you have...
  13. S

    bhyve Windows Server 2012 via Bhyve keep crashes

    Hello. I'm using bhyve on FreeBSD 12.1. but if i start Windows Server 2012 R2 or other vms, It works but it crashes after 1~2 hours automatically. I'm using ZFS. my hdd images are at /root/vms and I made it with truncate -S 32G vm_01.img. bhyve \ -c 3 \ -s 0,hostbridge \ -s...
  14. D

    Can't bootstrapping pkg

    So, I have virtual machine with FreeBSD 12.1 RELEASE-p10 on ESXi 7. When I try to install pkg I get this: root@srv-freebsd:/home/user # pkg The package management tool is not yet installed on your system. Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]: y...
  15. A

    Solved W++SF

    Hypothetically speaking, what do you think of WSF i.e. Windows Subsystem for FreeBSD? Any justification or possibility? Something similar to WSL 2, with full kernel, man -S 2 compatibility and BSD toolchain (not GPL licensed) especially Clang. P.S. There are two types of questions: questions and...
  16. T

    Solved use a virtual network interface on a host?

    Is there a way to use a virtual network interface on a physical FreeBSD host? TL;DR - yes - use epair interfaces. Background: I have this new and quite cheap laptop (Lenovo ideapad 530S-14ARR). It was on outlet sale, therefore cheap. It doesn't have a wired ethernet interface, and the wireless...
  17. T

    Solved Screen resolution FreeBSD 12.0 Parallels VM

    Having installed FreeBSD-12.0 in a Parallels virtual machine on a 2018 Mac mini running Mojave 10.14.4, the screen resolution defaulted to 1024x768 which was less than ideal on a 24" monitor which does 1920x1080. After searching for hints I came across suggestions to use: mode X gop set X...
  18. P

    ZFS OS down with repeating swap_pager indefinite wait buffer messages on console

    Hello: I have a FreeBSD 12.0 virtual machine on a KVM virtual private server. I installed from the 12.0-RELEASE installer ISO and chose encrypted ZFS root file system. I believe after that choice I accepted the default partitioning. So SWAP is part of the encrypted ZFS root disk. I'm using the...
  19. Tsuroerusu

    Installing FreeBSD under KVM with VirtIO

    This is a public "note to self" that I hope will be useful to somebody out there. This evening I wanted to install FreeBSD in a VM under KVM on a Linux VM-host. Also, when I install FreeBSD with ZFS (Read: Always), I like to partition and setup the disks by hand via the "Shell" option in the...
  20. m0nkey_

    IPFW Using IPFW to NAT a jail inside a VM == Slow network connectivity inside jail

    I've been pulling my hair out over this for days! I have a VM, jails on a loopback interface and using IPFW to NAT the traffic. My findings show that it slows to a crawl. I've also tested with PF and it works like a charm. Network speeds within the jail are fine. I've tested this on Vultr...