general/other Issue(s) booting FreeBSD 12.2 aarch64 on Parallels Desktop on Apple Silicon


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I've succeeded in importing the 'FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-arm64-aarch64.vhd' into the Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac M1 Preview Edition by converting the given .vhd into .hdd and substitute the .hdd file in the .pvm. However, after booting, issues occur that I can't do anything else.

As you have seen, it seems that things related to filesystem failed in the booting procedure. And though RETURN directly enables access to /bin/sh, operations like adduser, bsdinstall, etc. can't be finished for the filesystem is read-only, and I can't do anything else.
I'm a UNIX newbie and have no knowledge on how to solve this kind of problem on myself. Few resource can be found on running an aarch64 FreeBSD VM on Parallels Desktop, and I wonder if special preparations beyond me should be made in advance.
The version of Parallels Desktop installed is 16.3.1(50393) Technical Preview on a MacBook Air M1 8GB.


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You need to select just one CPU in Parallels and then it boots without issue (on my M1 Mac mini 8G/256G).

Unfortunately in Xorg it does not recognise the mouse which is very unhelpful :(

If you just want consoles though, it is very nice even with just one CPU. A kernel recompile took just under 10 minutes .