1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to solve local terminal output mess for btop (bpytop formerly) resource monitoring tool ?

    After changing screen resolution to more night (640x480 text -> 1600x1200 graphics), output from btop app (formerly bpytop on-screen real-time monitoring tool) look like mess (see attached screen photos). The same behavior for current btop app and for previous version - bpytop. Only one...
  2. K

    A terminal tool for PDF?

    Is there any terminal tool to merge two PDF files (or more) into a single one?
  3. sidetone

    Text gaming on FreeBSD: screenshots, discussion

    Discussion and screenshots about text gaming on FreeBSD. This is for games on the command-line or terminal interface. Many games are ascii and/or curses. Signify if the game uses an interpreter or emulator. Topic includes utilities or ASCII animations that aren't games, but are under the games...
  4. RogellParadox

    Command only found with -su

    I was installing Julia in my fresh FreeBSD installation. I set the path at ~/.cshrc and finally entered source ~/.cshrc. The thing is: when I type "julia", terminal doesn't find it: $ julia sh: julia: not found But when I do the same command with su, it works. I tried checking the $PATH...
  5. Spity


    I'm on FreeBSD 13, and I don't know how to disable "bracketed paste". I already tried with inputrc (set enable-bracketed-paste off) and it does not work. I switched to zsh and it is still there, active.
  6. Spity

    csh command history

    Hi! I am using csh and I notice that I cannot see the command history. That is, I open a terminal, write a command, close it, and when I reopen it, it is clean. No history. How can I have the history there to speed up the writing?
  7. I

    bhyve Adjusting or Preventing Screen height from shrinking when running bhyve VMs

    I usually expand my Terminal window to take the full height of the screen. After running a bhyve VM (e.g. OpenBSD) - running and after shutting down the VM - the usuable height of the Terminal screen/window became shortened. How can I prevent this? Note: There is no fbuf in my bhyve option and...
  8. Spity

    Solved TTY & nVidia Error

    Install FreeBSD 12.2 with Gnome, when installing the nvidia-driver all the tty (Control + alt + F (x) look like this my rc.conf kld_list="nvidia-modeset" my loader.conf linux_load="YES" nvidia-modeset_load="YES" nvidia_load="YES"
  9. sidetone

    Increase terminal font with allscreens?

    How do I increase the terminal font size by using the allscreens variable in rc.conf? In my file, I have allscreens_flags="green" which sets the font to green. If this is put into /boot/loader.conf, will these settings occur sooner during boot up?
  10. K

    Terminal refresh problems

    Fellow FreeBSD users, I'm using FreeBSD 12.1 RELEASE GENERIC. Under X when I type a command on the last line of a terminal, I often don't get any output. When I generate an event which triggers a refresh, the output finally appears, so I know it was there to start with. For example, if I...
  11. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved st terminal convert terminfo to termcap

    I built the suckless st terminal from source, but the makefile use tic to add the st.info file to the terminfo.db which freebsd doesnt use Freebsd uses termcap.db which means the st terminal has odd behavior especially with ncurses apps like newsboat and ncmpc because the termcap.db doesnt...
  12. A

    Backspace doesn't remove utf-8 multibyte characters on console

    In FreeBSD 12.1 backspace in terminal only deletes one byte of multibyte character. For example: # cat > /tmp/test tы<backspace>t # cat /tmp/test t�t # hexdump -C /tmp/test 74 d1 74 0a Where 'ы' is a russian letter (D18B in hexadecimal form). You may see that only second byte of multibyte...
  13. z3R0

    Shell compare multiple files against one base file (diff?)

    Hi! I'm trying to compare one base config file to 500 other config files and wanted some help. Are there any command line tools that are built to solve this specific problem or perl/python? I don't think diff was built for this. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!
  14. Y

    mlterm package compile options

    Hi, I have recently installed mlterm on my system since it's the best (if not the only) terminal emulator with decent Arabic/RTL support (tried urxvt, but it doesn't play well with Arabic). I use mlterm because my main IRC client is irssi and mlterm works nicely with that in terms of Arabic...
  15. vermaden

    HOWTO: Ghost in the Shell - Part 4

    I would like to share HOWTO in Ghost in the Shell series about efficient working in the UNIX shell environment. Ghost in the Shell - Part 4 https://vermaden.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/ghost-in-the-shell-part-4/ Regards, vermaden
  16. C

    How to change background color of FreeBSD terminal

    Hi all, I am not able to find out the exact solution of how can I change the background color of the FreeBSD terminal. I wanted to know if there is any command (similar to setterm in linux) in FreeBSD by which we can change background/foreground terminal colors. Any alternative of the...
  17. D

    Unreadable text during installation FreeBSD.

    I am just installing FreeBSD 11.2 and the text on the screen is cut and shifted. After installation (enter, enter, enter because you can not see anything), too. The remote terminal is ok, but there is no root privilege. How to change the text resolution of the terminal? (old cheap Fujitsu laptop)
  18. B

    Solved Salutations, and Can't get to text console using Alt+Ctrl+F1-F8

    First of all, hello to all members and the FreeBSD staff. First time here, I'm bruno from italy, a FreeBSD addicted (but also to other BSDs and micro-kernel architectures like Minix, and hybrid microkernel-BSD likes such as MacOsX), and a software programmer unemployed at the moment. Thank you...
  19. vermaden

    HOWTO: Ghost in the Shell - Part 3

    I would like to share HOWTO in Ghost in the Shell series about efficient working in the UNIX shell environment. Ghost in the Shell - Part 3 https://vermaden.wordpress.com/2018/09/15/ghost-in-the-shell-part-3/ Regards, vermaden
  20. vermaden

    HOWTO: Ghost in the Shell - Part 2

    I would like to share HOWTO in Ghost in the Shell series about efficient working in the UNIX shell environment. Ghost in the Shell - Part 2 https://vermaden.wordpress.com/2018/07/08/ghost-in-the-shell-part-2/