1. DriverBuilder

    Semicolon not prining in Terminal

    I cannot type semicolon character in Terminal. However I can type it in browsers, editors(Vim, gedit). System configuration: 11.1-RELEASE, amd-64, Gnome 3 desktop How to solve this problem?
  2. clawhammer

    Solved How do I get started with graphics on the terminal?

    I am looking to make an old school style game such as NES games like super mario or elevator action. I've been searching around the internet for programming graphics on the terminal on unix but I haven't seen anything that I think is what I need. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get...
  3. clawhammer

    Emacs: how to go back after clicking a link in the help files?

    I've been reading these and got a bit done but I noticed I dont know how to go back after clicking a link to another section. C^x left or right just switches through window buffers. It seems clicking a link doesnt open a new buffer or window. Is there a way to go back without C^h -r and finding...
  4. clawhammer

    Solved learned about /etc/profile and ~/.profile files; what else?

    Can anyone recommend what other files like these I should read about that would help me understand whats going on in the console better? Using the bash shell. I'm a beginner. Thanks. EDIT:________________ Thanks for all the suggestions.
  5. poorandunlucky


    Anybody else uses it? I found it not long ago when trying to find a good terminal emulator besides XFCE's Terminal... It's kind of the console in video games, you press F12 (default), and it slides down from the top of the screen. I just thought I'd let people know this exists... (If you...
  6. A

    Cannot open /etc/termcap ... dvtm in csh ...

    I have never had a problem running dvtm on FreeBSD ... it just works. However, newer versions of FreeBSD (10.x and 11.x) and current versions of dvtm (0.15) will not work together at all ... My environment before dvtm looks like this: TERM=xterm-256color SHELL=/bin/csh When I start dvtm with...
  7. sidetone

    Solved ttys commenting out

    In /etc/ttys, is it secure to comment out terminals I don't use, than to turn it off, and mark them "insecure"? This is what I have, and the argument lines commented out also work without the #. # name getty type status comments ... console none...
  8. A

    Disable auto-scroll in XTerm

    I see claims that XTerm is incapable of not jumping to the prompt when new output is going in or when the user presses a key. I have the solution, and is indeed a problem of letter case in the .Xdefaults or .Xresources file. To achieve the desired behaviour add this to your .Xdefaults or...
  9. JazzSinatra

    TTY, Shell, prompt, terminal?

    This is probably a noob question, but I have wondered for some time the difference between TTY and terminal like rxvt-unicode or Xterm (and less shell). Is TTY just a virtual device which runs terminal emulator like rxvt-unicode which runs shell like sh or bash? If I have a freshly installed...
  10. K

    How to connect to the Internet via 3g modem in the FreeBSD terminal ?

    I installed FreeBSD, but it does not have a default GUI ! I have to install it myself ! I watched a lot of videos about installing the GUI in FreeBSD, and there all the video authors install it by connecting to the Internet via wifi-router, but to connect to the Internet I have only a 3g modem...
  11. A

    Solved problem output - raspberry pi - model b

    I have been experiencing a issue with what I think to be system messages taking over the terminal for quit some time. I just noticed though that it only seems to happen when the PI has been on and working for some time. I do not have the messages now and have to reboot to get the Pi working...
  12. uzsolt

    x11/xvt unicode support?

    I want to try x11/xvt but as I see it doesn't support utf8. I can't input accented (hungarian) chars and can't see correctly filenames (output of ls) which contains accented characters. Did I something wrong or x11/xvt really doesn't support utf8? I can't find any relevant information about it.
  13. daBee

    Fresh FreeBSD 11 on Raspberry Pi 2

    Hi folks. I just got this OS onto my Raspberry Pi 2 box. Neato. It has no ports, it has no bash, it has nothing, really. According to my notes, I use the ports package manager to install shells/bash and all that stuff. But I don't have ports. I can't even use sudo. Confusing. So I'm...
  14. AntumDeluge

    Solved Entering Virtual Console from X Environment

    I have done a little bit of searching around on this without luck. I apologize for the weak effort, but I am sick right now and don't feel like doing a lot of reading. Is there a way to enter a virtual console (tty?) while in an X environment? I'm looking for something like "Ctrl+Alt+F1" that...