Text gaming on FreeBSD: screenshots, discussion

Discussion and screenshots about text gaming on FreeBSD. This is for games on the command-line or terminal interface. Many games are ascii and/or curses. Signify if the game uses an interpreter or emulator. Topic includes utilities or ASCII animations that aren't games, but are under the games category.

Originally intended to be a thread for screenshots, which are still welcome. If the same program can also run with graphics, screenshots of that can be posted as well.




nbsdgames jewels and games/bsdtris


bsdgames - adventure




nbsdgames - fisher

Some games which are indicated belong to games/bsdgames or games/nbsdgames.

* Changed to include discussion about text gaming.
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From, Thread what-about-gaming-on-freebsd.723:

One of my favourite cli games is games/moon-buggy.

Also I like very much 2048 cli game,
it is posible to build it on FreeBSD:
% wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mevdschee/2048.c/master/2048.c
% cc -o 2048 2048.c
% ./2048
It is possible to move ./2048 to /usr/local/bin/, also, or to /home/user/.local/bin/, for example,
(you need to add .local/bin to your path, add " set path = ( $path $HOME/.local/bin )" to your ~/.tcshrc),
and start it like this:

% 2048

It is possible to use different colors:
% 2048 blackwhite

% 2048 bluered.

Has anyone played this little addicting game? games/tomatoes
Try it, you wont forget it. It has various cool tools to blow tomatoes.
My highscore is 501. Here I'll tell you how to rock. keep rolling(orbiting) around a smallest square you find and place bombs.
# = bomb
O = You

"You" is waiting for bomb #1 to blow and place next bomb above. That is the best method I've found to make highest score.
You might remember these books? They sold over one million copies back in the old days, which is a lot. Well, a collection of ancient text games. First book was published in 1973 (probably pre microcomputer edition).


There's now an effort underway on Github to port these old games to more advanced programming languages like Perl, C, Python, Javascript and so on - first book so far.

Of course this then runs on FreeBSD, if you want to. Javascript version to be run in your browser are here: https://coding-horror.github.io/basic-computer-games/