1. S

    smbd high CPU utilization

    Hello, Before getting too deep into the post, please let me know if this seems like something I should file a bug report to address. My primary reason for posting in the forums first is to see if this is either a known issue, a configuration issue, or if others are seeing this issue as well...
  2. C

    Samba config help?

    I am trying to configure Samba shares on a headless FreeBSD 10.2 box and having a tremendous amount of difficulty getting them working the way I want. I have two shares right now, Veeam (for my Veeam Endpoint Backup jobs on Windows clients) and sladd, a user share. Veeam seems to work fine as...
  3. N


    Hello, I'm waiting for Samba 4.3. Does anybody know when it will be available for FreeBSD 10.2? I'm new to FreeBSD so I'd be happy if someone could shed some light on the following question: Looking at the commit history on it shows several commits for...
  4. x917

    Solved mount_smbfs refusing to mount: Connection refused

    I can't mount a Samba share to a node using mount_smbfs. Here is the set up: FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE running GENERIC is a guest inside a VirtualBox VM using its Bridged Adapter option. I've tried switching it to a NAT adapter but it makes no difference. The Samba version is net/samba42 (installed...
  5. Itproman

    Solved Samba Config File Suggestions?

    I copied this basic config from one of the forum posts to a create an smb4.conf file and it works....but it's not quite there yet. Below,I had to change "netbios name" from "Server_Name" to "FreeBSD BOX",because on my Windows PC it showed up as "SERVER_NAME." The other problem is,if I click on...