1. Y

    IPFW IPFW and Samba

    Hello, I have a FreeBSD 11.2 system with Samba installed. If I enable ipfw Samba clients can still connect and browse the filesystem but cannot download most of the files (it looks like the smallest files can be opened). Ipfw is configured in "open" mode: firewall_enable="YES"...
  2. Zamana

    Solved Recursively sharing ZFS datasets with CIFS

    Hi! The closest I got to the question I have was this thread, from a year and a half ago... Consider this ZFS dataset structure: /storage/data/a /storage/data/b /storage/data/c I would like to tell to CIFS to share /storage/data, but this doesn't work. You need to share /storage/data/a, b...
  3. arabesc

    net/samba48: new vfs_freebsd module

    There's a new vfs_freebsd module in the net/samba48 port. I can't find any information about it. It seems to be like custom extension. I'm curious what it is, what it for and how to use it. Could someone kindly share information about that vfs module?
  4. vermaden


    I would like to share an article about accessing and serving SMB/CIFS shares on/from FreeBSD system. SMB/CIFS on FreeBSD #verblog #freebsd #samba #smb #cifs #share
  5. S

    smdb_do_qfsinfo: not an allowed info level

    I got that error every time when I connect to samba share from Debian. I have minimal smb4.conf: [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP server string = Samba Server log level = 2 log file = /var/log/samba4/log.%m [Motion] comment = Video files path =...
  6. F

    Strange behavour with GSSAPI and Kerberized NFS

    Hello, I'm a new user of FreeBSD - I recently installed FreeBSD 11.2 p4, and I use it as a backup- and fileserver using Samba48 and bacula. I also play around with it. I've joined the machine to a Samba domain and log in with winbind with domain users works using GSSAPI. NFSv4 with kerberos...
  7. rumate

    Gnome 3.28. Network shares

    Hi all! I updated Gnome to 3.28. After that I cannot connect to windows shares. Network is browseable in Files when I explicitly enter the path to a share. Like CTRL+L then smb://mycompany and see all computers presented on our LAN or smb://myserver and get to the share's files on myserver...
  8. M

    Can't find smb4.conf

    I've installed FreeBSD 11.2, and i've installed samba too, I use pkg install samba command. When the setup is completed, it says 'your configuration is on /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf'. But when I go to /usr/local/etc directory, I can't find smb4.conf file. I go to /etc and i t same the file is...
  9. J

    Samba dns_update error

    Urgent help... When I run the samba_service service, I get the error "Failed dns update - with error code 29"
  10. J

    Ayuda con Samba48 en FreeBSD 11.2 - Help with Samba48 in FreeBSD 11.2

    Saludos compañeros tengo una duda y es super urgente, es que acabo de instalar Samba en FreeBSD 11.2 ya que el la 11.1 no se podia por error de instalacion, el punto es que cuando instalo Samba el archivo de configuracion smb4.conf que esta supuesto a estar en la ubicacion...
  11. D

    Samba Multiple (2) responses. Two FreeBSD systems on my network

    Hi I have 2 FreeBSD systems on my network. BSD155 on has been running happily as Samba server for 6 months. BSD004 is a new build on The /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf file is similar, (machine specifics set up correctly) except BSDS155 has server role = standalone...
  12. Sheekamoo

    Mount samba shares with 777 permissions?

    I'm trying to mount a samba share with 777 permissions but I can't seem to get this working. I can get my share to mount using both fstab and autofs, but the permissions out of the box are 755. Here's an example from my fstab file: //username@SERVER/DATA /mnt/DATA smbfs...
  13. P

    Samba - ACL permissions

    I am running Samba 4.6 on FreeBSD 11 with ZFS. Each user belongs to the fileserver group. In addition, there are additional groups for each department, such as sales group. And here comes my problem. On the server is a folder called sales. Which is owned by fileserver and the group sales. Why...
  14. P

    Samba: pdbedit - Home Directory

    Hi I am using Samba as a Standard Alone File server. Security = user Why is Samba not taking the home directory path from the entry that I can change with pdbedit? When I use the variables %H it will only return the path setup in the /etc/passwd file. The reason I need this is because I put...
  15. daBee

    Simple Samba LAN Filesharing Tutorial

    Hi folks. I need to set up samba. I reviewed this page here but it didn't get me far as I couldn't create a samba user. I'm assuming the samba documentation is right, but there is no such thing as useradd. Is there a...
  16. void_validation

    mount_smbfs failing to mount samba 4.6.5 share

    Hi all, This problem has been bugging me for several days now. mount_smbfs fails to mount a share from linux samba 4.6.5 with the error: Authentication Error. This happens on both: 10.3-RELEASE-p18 11-RELEASE The weird part is that the same share mounts correctly on OS X hosts and Ubuntu...
  17. A

    Samba error : Undefined symbol "yp_match"

    Hello to all I have an error with running samba-tool after installation. My os is FreeBSD 10.1. I use all method to installing the samba ( installing by pkg, making port and download and compile the source code) but in the all of them some errors was accrued. Could somebody help me to resolve...
  18. seigmann

    Problems mounting samba shares

    Hi, Can someone please point me in the right direction? I have two computers running Freenas9x; Behemoth and Beelzebub Beelzebub has samba share up and running, and I am trying to create a mount from Behemoth; So, I am able to reach the share using the following command: [root@Behemoth...
  19. D

    FreeBSD Samba member server CPU load

    Greeting all I'm migrating our network storage on to a FreeBSD machine with Samba 4.5, FreeBSD 11 (currently 11-STABLE built on 22nd). I have been having some issues with Samba. Performance has been good but load, even when its doing nothing useful has been extremely high. In top I'm getting...
  20. scotia

    Solved mount_smbfs works with Samba 4.4, not with 4.5

    Hi all, I have an SMB client (10.3-RELEASE-p11) and SAMBA server (11.0-RELEASE-p1) running samba43-4.3.13_2. On the client I have /etc/nsmb.conf with stored credentials. When I run: # mount_smbfs -o ro -N //user@server/share /mountpoint it works as expected. This was also the case running...