Hi everyone,

After some of the system upgrades (I'm using synth) SMB gfvs functionality in x11-fm/pcmanfm stopped working.

At the closer look I've noticed that devel/gvfs still depends on (and installs) net/samba-libsmbclient which the ports system now says is obsoleted:
Port:   net/samba-libsmbclient
Moved:   net/samba43
Date:   2017-03-21
Reason:   Obsolete
So after a research I discovered that the latter kept being installed from the existing packages. However, during the building process gvfs builds net/samba44 as a dependency -- so one would expect it depends on libsmbclient.so from that port.

I then removed the existing samba36-libsmbclient package from /var/synth/live_packages/All directory to make things 100% clean and then reinstalled devel/gvfs using synth -- the surest way, one would think, to make things work for sure. And it did install without complains, but now SMB related parts of it complain:
Shared object "libsmbclient.so.0" not found, required by "gvfsd-smb-browse".

So what am I supposed to do? Some people, commenting on an issue that seems related, report that just building net/samba44 and manually copying libsmbclient.so from the build directory fixes the problem. I haven't tried it myself, but obviously this is NOT they way it's supposed to work?

I'm going to run synth upgrade-system anyway, but it will take a long time and I'm afraid will NOT fix the problem, just as isolated package run of synth hasn't fixed it.
Even more interesting than that, trying to rebuild net/samba44 fails. And the ports tree updated just yesterday...

So I'm running now synth upgrade-system to see what it will end up with.
Upon the manual run I've noticed that a number of ports fail to build with the error message to the effect that $port is using $lib as a dependency, but it is not mentioned in the port's Makefile.
Even more interesting than that, trying to rebuild net/samba44 fails. And the ports tree updated just yesterday...
Still fails, and given that this is now the default version of SAMBA it causes difficulties. I have switched to
net/samba45 as default and will see if that fixes the GVFS SMB access problem. In fact, net/samba45 associated
smbclient does its job all right, so its corresponding version of libsmbclient.so must work just as well...
Still doesn't work after all the synth update, repository rebuild etc. GVFS doesn't mount SMB shares (e.g. in x11-fm/pcmanfm window), and as gvfs utilities in general are not very verbose, it is pretty difficult to determine why.
Of course, I can still mount them using good old style, e.g.:
mount_smbfs -E utf8:cp866 -I $inet_addr -N -U anonymous //guest@myshare /mymount
but that is kind of back into the stone age :)