1. coldr3ality

    Rebuild unbound with python support

    Unbound has an optional scriptable interface: Starting from a fresh install of FreeBSD 10.3 Release (AMD64), I want to rebuild unbound with the option for python module support. The focus of my question is on how to do this.
  2. A

    Solved Blender, ImportError: No module named numpy, default version python

    Hi all, When in blender, I try to load an addon using numpy or to import numpy in the blender's console, and I get the following error : ImportError: No module named numpy But numpy was installed with blender. pkg info | grep numpy py27-numpy-1.11.0,1 The New Numeric Extension to...
  3. PetriR

    Trouble with Python and postfix-policyd-spf-python

    I used to have postfix-policyd-spf-python working fine with my FreeBSD 9.3 box and Python 2.7. Then some update introduced py3dns to the mix and my setup broke, since py3dns requires Python 3. Well, I thought, I'll update Python while I am at it. I can't get it to work. My Python appears to be...
  4. DimMan

    Solved rc.d script not run at startup

    I try start circus via rc.d script I create script [root@comp ~]# cat /usr/local/etc/rc.d/circusd #!/bin/sh . /etc/rc.subr name="circusd" rcvar=circusd_enable start_cmd="${name}_start" stop_cmd=":" load_rc_config $name : ${circusd_enable="NO"} ...
  5. Tahseen Jamal

    Solved Using pyvirtualdisplay - Python 2.7 / Selenium Web Driver

    Below is the code am writing in FreeBSD. Before this code, I did pkg install xorg-vfbserver but after this I don't know which environment variable to set. Like in Ubuntu you have to do like this before using this program apt-get install xvfb export DISPLAY =:1 In FreeBSD, what is the...
  6. Abitu

    Python package error

    I am new to FreeBSD, when iI tried to run the pybsm.c code iI got an error "python.h not found". I read many solutions on the forum regarding python package and cython, and tried all still am unable to run that file! Any suggestions?
  7. Itproman

    Solved How Do I Start Python Under FreeBSD 10.2?

    I just installed lang/python34. I now have two questions? 1) In what directory do I find the executable? 2) What command do I type to start it (I know it isn't "python", or "python34", because I just tried those.)?