1. F

    matplotlib in python 2.7 virtualenv on FreeBSD 11

    Hi Forum I am trying to install matplotlib in a Python 2.7.15 virtualenv (created using virtualenvwrapper) on FreeBSD 11-RELEASE system. It seems that I am running in a somewhat known problem with the installation of numpy (cf. the edit in post #3 of "Matplotlib python3 anyone?" [1]). After a...
  2. forquare

    Other Writing an rc script for gunicorn & django

    Hello all, I'm looking to deploy a Django application onto a FreeBSD 11.1 server, I've read a number of articles about using www/py36-gunicorn to provide the communications between www/nginx and Django, and brief trials appear successful. I'm now looking to make a service that I can service...
  3. T

    Python rc.d with daemon(8), python and virtualenv

    Hi, I'd like to create an rc.d script that uses daemon(8) to manage a python(3) script with dependencies from virtualenv (daemonization, logging and be automatically restarted on exit). I am not sure what's the right way to approach this. My initial version used the script as command...
  4. Drahos Madar

    getting IP and MAC of all peripherals

    Hey guys I'm new @ BSD and this forum - so sorry if my question is duplicated or somehow not in line with rules of this web (as far as I have investigated none of those apply) I was asked to write a program (python preff) which will return IP and MAC of all peripherals connected to server...
  5. A

    Samba error : Undefined symbol "yp_match"

    Hello to all I have an error with running samba-tool after installation. My os is FreeBSD 10.1. I use all method to installing the samba ( installing by pkg, making port and download and compile the source code) but in the all of them some errors was accrued. Could somebody help me to resolve...
  6. Daniel Hilst

    Solved python SysLogHandler no working?

    Hi, I'm trying to use syslog handler at one of my python scripts. Above there is a script that should print hello world to syslog, but it doesn't. The same code on Linux works. What I'm missing? # from platform import system import logging from logging.handlers import SysLogHandler...
  7. A

    Python NumPy for Python3

    Hi, How do I add numpy in python3? I've tried to do it with pip, but it failed with too many undefined references.
  8. monchito

    Run Python Script -

    Hi all, i'm brand new on FreeBSD, i want to run a python script for pfsense firewall running on FreeBSD (FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p9) this is the script I already installed beautifulsoup4 (py27-beautifulsoup-4.4.1) So, when i make this as root ...
  9. T

    Recommended multi-server FBSD hosting configuration

    I'm building out a hosting environment for my customers. I typically use Linux but FreeBSD offers some features of interest to my customers. I've used FreeBSD before (version 9), but my experience is limited. The hosting architecture I'd like to setup is (focusing on two servers): Server 1...
  10. Sadegh Alirezaie

    Installation of PyQt5 For Python3

    Hello everyone. I'm new to FreeBSD and I'm developing a Download Manager written in python. we ported this software on some Linux Distros and Mac OS. Now, I'm working on making it usable in FreeBSD, The FreeBSD handles all the requirements except PyQt5 which is I'm wondering why it can not be...
  11. N

    Solved virtualbox-ose port, problem with Python; Package problem with file size

    Hello, I've been trying to install Virtual Box on my system. When I try to install it from ports tree I got this error: ===> virtualbox-ose-5.1.10 depends on executable: yasm - found ===> virtualbox-ose-5.1.10 depends on executable: xsltproc - found ===> virtualbox-ose-5.1.10 depends...
  12. T


    Has anyone managed to get pycdio running under FreeBSD? My foolish attempt to just install it didn't go too well tingo@kg-core1$ sudo pip install pycdio Collecting pycdio Downloading pycdio-0.20.tar.gz (197kB) 100% |################################| 204kB 2.3MB/s Installing collected...
  13. joel.bodenmann

    Python OpenSSL versioning issue

    Hello folks, I'm trying to run security/py-certbot on a FreeBSD 10.3 stable jail. When I try to launch it I get the following messages: root@nope:~ # certbot Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/certbot", line 11, in <module> load_entry_point('certbot==0.9.3'...
  14. A

    ftp server socket listen backlog is limited - "listen backlog limit Vs kernel maxfile limit"

    From ftp server code, we are limiting the connections to1024 (s.listen (1024) call), but when I do the sockstress tool test it overflowing the listen backlog limit to 12000+ connection. So my system reaching the kern.maxfile limit. Overflow scenario is Vulnerable to the system with sockstress...
  15. hanzer

    Solved FUSE and py27-fs

    PyFilesystem 1. Are there any tutorials on how to use FuseFS on FreeBSD? 2. Is the py27-fs package broken? Setup: freebsd-version -> 11.0-RELEASE-p1 sudo pkg install py27-fs /boot/loader.conf kern.geom.label.gptid.enable="0" zfs_load="YES" kern.vty=sc fuse_load="YES" /etc/sysctl.conf...
  16. mariourk

    Solved py-pbr, py-pip and py-setuptools give me a headache

    Hi, For some reason, my python-setup seems to be messed up. Packages fail to compile and complain about: ImportError: No module named pbr.pbr_json No matter what I try, there seems to be something wrong with devel/py-pbr, devel/py-pip and devel/py-setuptools. I suppose there is some sort of...
  17. D incorrect for port

    Hello, I am in the process of porting numba to FreeBSD, the submitted port 211347 has an outstanding issue. Documentation requires that a user should be able to type from a python interpreter: import numba However, this complains with /lib/ not using the gcc48 library. Instead the...
  18. D

    Solved Require LLVM_CONFIG variable in port

    Hello, I am looking at porting over llvmlite, and numba for python. It builds just fine with the documentation provided, however it is required to pass LLVM_CONFIG: LLVM_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/llvm-config37 python Which works fine as an install for myself. However as a port, I wasn't...
  19. coldr3ality

    Rebuild unbound with python support

    Unbound has an optional scriptable interface: Starting from a fresh install of FreeBSD 10.3 Release (AMD64), I want to rebuild unbound with the option for python module support. The focus of my question is on how to do this.
  20. A

    Solved Blender, ImportError: No module named numpy, default version python

    Hi all, When in blender, I try to load an addon using numpy or to import numpy in the blender's console, and I get the following error : ImportError: No module named numpy But numpy was installed with blender. pkg info | grep numpy py27-numpy-1.11.0,1 The New Numeric Extension to...