1. DtxdF

    Python Python With Appjail | FastAPI

    Hi, I share this post from my (new) blog to show how to use AppJail and its Makejails to develop an API using FastAPI. Python With Appjail | FastAPI
  2. goshanecr

    Port request : security/radicale-dovecot-auth and security/radicale-imap-auth

    Hi Friends! Can anyone having time to generate ports to these python plugins? They needed for using with www/radicale: - security/radicale-dovecot-auth - security/radicale-imap-auth Thanks!
  3. Aroflote

    Why do I get "Module not found" after python installation in venv?

    Hello Goal My goal is to set up a Python application in a virtual environment in FreeBSD, and run it from there. Setup I have created the virtual environment, activated it, installed pip within this and ran pip install -r requirements.txt The installation went well, and I could list out all...
  4. First_Law_of_Unix

    How to Install Caffe (Deep Learning Framework)?

    Hello, I'm trying to build Caffe from it's github source (This is the OpenCL version of Caffe): Getting the following error after doing: cmake -DBLAS=open -DUSE_OPENCL=ON -DUSE_CLGEMM=ON -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DUSE_TIMER=ON...
  5. E

    py-jmespath: Unknown flavor 'py39', possible flavors: py38

    I'm using poudriere to build my packages. My DEFAULT_VERSIONS looks like this: DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= php=7.4 python=3.8 python3=3.8 pgsql=14 mysql=10.3m bdb=18 I have devel/py-jmespath@py38 and devel/py-jmespath@py39 both in my buildlist. devel/py-jmespath@py39 fails to build with the error from...
  6. S

    Can't get salt-api to detect cherrypy

    One of the pre-requisites for salt-api to work is installing cherrypy. Currently salt is using python38 while the latest cherrypy package uses python39. I have both installed however when I run salt-api with debug logging I see the following error [ERROR ] Not loading...
  7. C


    Hello! I've seen that the port has been tried by a FreeBSD community member: Is there anyone who knows if there exits a port of PyTorch or could make it work otherwise on FreeBSD? Many thanks!
  8. H

    Need easy help to "port" my Bible app to Freebsd

    Hi guys :) I'm new to FreeBSD and need a quick help (no coding, just info and maybe easy testing) to "port" my app to FreeBSD. The topo: My app exists on several packages: PyPI, Snap, Flatpak. It's a python app using ncurses and sqlite3. The app is of course free and under GPL3...
  9. B

    node16 depends on python310 and python38 simultaneously

    I use python310 as system default (/etc/make.conf). When I try to build node16 from ports it tries to build and install dependant python38 port. I have already HATED python! All packages try to install ALL versions of python to my system at the same time!!! When will this stupid python language...
  10. L

    Solved lldb python scripting

    Hi there, I'm currently experimenting with lldb and wanted to try out its python-API. So, I followed the tutorial on the lldb website. However, when trying to import the script into the python interpreter, I'm getting an error message: >>> import tree_utils [string "buffer"]:1: syntax error...
  11. E

    python libraries conflict

    I'm trying to update mail/mailman3 port to 3.3.5 It requires updating a few ports it depends on, including mail/py-aiosmtpd and www/py-falcon. After updating py-falcon to 3.0.1 and running make install I get: pkg-static: py38-falcon-3.0.1 conflicts with py38-aiosmtpd-1.2_1 (installs files...
  12. Nick-6

    Solved How to properly install and use python modules in FreeBSD?

    Hello, I'm a newbie in both FreeBSD and programming. I'm now taking CS50 and trying to write code in VSCode. I would like to know how to properly install python modules. pip install <python-module> or doas pkg install py38-<python-module> And in case if there is no pkg version, what should I...
  13. M

    Another reason not to use python?

    This could possibly go in the scripting topic. According to these folks ( and to quote: This is an on-going issue with repositories (and has been since Perl years ago) and languages that are based...
  14. M

    Ansible error py37-supervisor have been found in the repositories

    My ansible role looks like this: --- - name: Download supervisord pkgng: name: - py37-supervisor state: present After executing this role, it returns fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "failed to install py37-supervisor: ", "stderr": "pkg: No packages...
  15. Alain De Vos

    Python37 / Python38 hell.

    I ended up in a python37/python38 hell. Dependencies on one removes the other and vice-verse. My poudriere blacklist-file. net/samba412 lang/python2 lang/python27 lang/python37 www/qt5-webengine My make.conf DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=python=3.8 DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=python3=3.8 Should i revert to python...
  16. nerozero

    Solved Upgrading python3.7 -> 3.8 case no python on the system at all

    hello, According to /usr/ports/UPDATING the method to upgrade python described as: portmaster -o lang/python38 python37 REINSTALL="$(pkg info -o "*py37*" | awk '{printf "%s ", $2}')" pkg delete -f "*py37*" portmaster $REINSTALL REBUILD=$(pkg query -g "%n:%dn" '*' | grep py3 | grep -v py38 |...
  17. C

    Solved Correct way of handling python flavors in port dependencies?

    I'm struggling to understand what the "correct" way for handling python flavors is. I'm attempting to port some software that depends on py-qt5; on amd64, there's a binary packages for py37-qt5 only at the moment. So, I figured I'll make my port USE=python:3.7. However, I hit a snag when I...
  18. F

    Solved Using rc.d script with /usr/sbin/daemon to start and stop a script

    I am trying to write an rc.d script to start and stop a (Python) script. Starting the command seems to be working, but stopping it is not yet the way I want. My goal is to ensure the script receives a SIGTERM signal when it should shut down; that seems not to be the case; I think only the...
  19. E

    Solved Issues with py37 packages from the 2020Q3 ports tree on 12.1

    Recently updated to 2020Q3. I seem to be having issues with Python ports as I upgrade. # portmaster -D -G -g --no-confirm comms/py-pyserial (Snip) ===> Creating unique files: Move MAN files needing SUFFIX ===> Creating unique files: Move files needing SUFFIX Move: bin/ -->...
  20. scotia

    Updating Perl fails because of Python sphinx

    I'm upgrading Perl as advised in UPDATING using the following: portmaster -bdgyf `pkg shlib -qR` which re-builds net-snmp which re-builds mysql which re-builds cmake which requires python which requires py37-sphinx I have python2.7 installed already (and therefore sphinx)...