1. RhfUsQnPbC

    Solved Cannot auto mount ntfs

    At a very beginning time after installation of ntfs-3g, I can auto mount ntfs via adding /dev/nvd1p2 /mnt/win/d ntfs mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g,noauto,rw 0 0 to /etc/fstab. But it suddenly failed a long time ago, so I have to mount ntfs mannually after...
  2. Spity

    UFS Boot Two freebsd

    I have two installations of freebsd 13.2 on two different disks. Both with MBR & UFS disk 1: win10/freebsd without bootloader (freebsd) disk 2: freebsd with bootloader How could I make disk 2 that has the bootloader, find muy others disk installations and boot from?
  3. Micrified

    Unable to create an NTFS partition in a new GPT table

    Context I've added a fancy new NVMe storage device to my system. I wish to install an operating system on it. To achieve this, I believe I should: Setup a GPT partition table scheme Create an NTFS partition within the GPT table scheme Reboot and use a prepared USB to install my new operating...
  4. Y

    Other NTFS doesn't unmount cleanly on shutdown

    I have an NTFS partition that's mounted in fstab like so: /dev/nvd0p5 /windows ntfs mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g,rw,failok,fmask=113,dmask=002 0 0 When I modify a file on the partition and reboot (with shutdown -r now say) into either Windows or FreeBSD, then...
  5. Spity

    Other Format for a second disc

    I was planning to use a second hard disk as a backup for documents and files. I'm not sure what format to use ext4 / ntfs / ufs to be able to access it from FreeBSD and Win10 since I have dual boot. When I was using Linux I used a program from Windows to access ext4., But with ufs I don't know...
  6. Spity

    Solved Help to run a simple script on startup

    How can run this script on startup? #!/bin/bash sudo kldload fuse sudo ntfs-3g /dev/ada2s1 /mnt/ -o -ro xdg-open /mnt/ &> /dev/null
  7. Spity

    Nautilus load a long, long, long disk name

    Installed fusefs-ntfs my loader.conf fuse_load="YES" my sysctl.conf: vfs.usermount=1 and fstab: /dev/ada2s1 /mnt/windows ntfs mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g,rw 0 0 Everthing its ok! but, when I click (for open) on the disk, Nautilus show me a long, long, long name (And the...

    Solved How to mount NTFS during FreeBSD installation process ?

    Hi, I need to mount NTFS partition on booted FreeBSD from USB stick. I went to shell and I tried below commands without successful. kldload fuse mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/da1s1 /mnt (operation not permitted by device) ntfs-3g /dev/da1s1 /mnt (no such command) Do you have any other suggestions?
  9. Understudy

    Other NFS NTFS file server

    HI, I am looking to create a FreeBSD file server. There would be a second physical disk setup (NTFS) that would mount via NFS. There would be no operating system information on the disk, just a shared disk for the office to store files on, from office documents, cad files, pictures, and...
  10. sidetone

    Mounting exfat and ntfs-3 filesystems with fstab

    This is useful for microsd cards and other media that uses Windows filesystems. Type gpart show /dev/da0 to see if the filesystem is based on exfat or ntfs. exfat can show up as an ntfs-3 filesystem, because they are referred to by the same partition code of 0x07. For exfat, install...
  11. usernamekiran

    Solved How to mount NTFS partition from same HDD?

    Hello, I am using FreeBSD 11.1, dual boot with Win 10. Win 10 is on C drive (ada0p3). I have my media on ada0p4, which is an NTFS drive. sade shows it as "ms-basic-data". My FreeBSD is installed in a nested partition. With linux, I used to use sudo mount /dev/sda2<or the drive letter>...
  12. Rastko

    Solved GVFS double instructions

    It seems to me that there is much overlap with FreeBSD documentation versus vendor documentation. It seems such is the case with GVFS ntfs support. For example, Nautilus in Gnome 3 already sees the partitions on my external USB2, but by default there is no access. Only manually was I able to...
  13. hanzer

    Other Which filesystem for a portable 1TB USB drive?

    I have a new 1TB portable USB hard-drive that will be used to share data among FreeBSD, CentOS, and Ubuntu machines (all OS's are kept up-to-date). The hard-drive is probably pre-formatted with NTFS but I've had problems with that filesystem in the past and I hope to find something that is more...
  14. MMacD

    Solved "ntfs-3g <part> <mountpoint>" mounts NTFS under v10

    I couldn't get mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/ada1s1 /I to work under 10.3. It complained "operation not supported by device" . But the man page ntfs-3g says that ntfs-3g <part> <mountpoint> will work and in fact ntfs-3g /dev/ada1s1 /I mounted fine for me. (Why some people need to gratuitously mess...
  15. bonbonboi

    Other NTFS External USB HDD

    Hello everyone, I'm a new comer, previous was on Linux, Looks like I'm really new to FreeBSD's concepts and core functionalists, what concern me that my external hdd cannot be seen as any other flash memory I have, it's formatted NTFS. Size: 1TB. $ camcontrol devlist <WD Elements 1048 1025> at...
  16. S

    Where does glabel store the metadata?

    I understand that the label is stored somewhere inside the disk, but where? The handbook says: but where exactly is that? Is this the MBR? I admit I'm a newbie as to the topology of HDDs, so any information I get I'll have to research to understand the answer. This question is for me to...