1. B

    Other How do I download and archive mails from an old account?

    Hello, I have several thousands of emails on my Gmail account which is still active, but I haven't been using it for years. I would like to: * download all the emails to maildir (or similar) on my hard disk, and * be able to index, browse and read them, but preferably without importing them...
  2. Cath O'Deray

    Solved Alerts in response to naming people

    Someone wrote: If I recall correctly: a person receives an alert only if their @name is used in the first edition of a post. An anti-spam measure. I'll test, by naming someone in a second edition of this post. smithi
  3. SoBe

    Alpine + Gmail Email / Gmail Email working in freeBSD How To Guide

    First: PKG install alpine Start Alpine within FreeBSD Use S for setup First Setup L for colletionlist after use C for config add hit ctl X and use an app password from your Gmail save it with your master password so your email is safe This...
  4. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Shell cron script/utility to make screenshots and periodically emailing

    HI, FreeBSD Gurus ! Please suggest me tool/sys utility/script that : - constantly running in a background under root privilege; - saving local-attached terminal (monitor on server's VGA output, no any GUI used) screenshot to destination folder; - periodically (hourly or daily, or certain day of...
  5. nobrowser

    email everything from watched forums?

    Hi, I have "watched" a few of the forums and selected notifications by email. But it seems I got an email only for the first message in each new thread in those forums. I'd much prefer to get an email *for each new message* - basically handle the forums as read-only mailing lists, until I need...
  6. D

    Solved Claws-mail GPG Plugin Error "No such file or directory"

    I quite like mail/claws-mail and its plugins. I've been diving into using PGP to sign email and done so before using Kmail, but Claws Mail requires the plugin mail/claws-mail-pgp. I've never used this before but I know I have a good key to use and its stored in .gnupg (where it should be)...
  7. A

    Auto-encrypting outgoing server monitoring emails

    Background: I set up a server with mail/ssmtp and sysutils/logwatch because I wanted to painlessly monitor system security. Logwatch sent me a nice email, pretty much out-of-the-box, but when I read it I realized that the information in the body is sensitive. So I asked myself: why not encrypt...
  8. maik

    email birthday reminder

    hi folks, i am looking for a solution to get reminders for birthdays. Having serious issues to remind myself to the dates and friends are getting pissed off. So I tried with the calendar app on my "battery always empty phone" but the problem is, that it is not reliable enough, there is no...
  9. S

    email addresses with '.xyz' tld banned on FreeBSD Forum

    I just registered to the FreeBSD Forum and was forced to use my gmail address. Why am I not allowed to use my own domain? My domain has a xyz tld. It seems like all email-addresses with an xyz tld are blocked ☹.
  10. coyote_zed

    Solved Installing Firefox and Thunderbird

    I just did a fresh install of FreeBSD 12.1 and installed Mate as well. Now I’m trying to install Firefox and thunderbird but pkg doesn’t seem to be able to find the packages. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. aragats

    Solved a puzzle with missing file and cron

    An hour I started getting emails with errors reporting by a cron task: /usr/local/www/misc/eldora/ convert: not found I logged in my VPS and found that indeed, the file convert doesn't exist. It's supposed to belong to graphics/ImageMagick7 or to one of its flavors. So, I checked...
  12. T

    Disaster strikes - SeaMonkey removed from ports tree

    Without warning, like most disasters, SeaMonkey was deleted from the ports tree overnight. No note in UPDATING which I check before each port upgrade run. I'm using the same mail spool dating back to Netscape Communicator on Windows NT in 1996. Fear not, I've rescued my SeaMonkey port from the...
  13. voidanix

    Solved Serious question: blacklisted email addresses on mailing lists

    Alright, so here's what happened: I tried to send an email to the freebsd-current mailing list regarding a bug I opened, the point of that mail was to discuss about the bug and eventually open an FCP. Checking the mailing list archives, my mail didn't go through, but my client said it did, so I...
  14. aragats

    missing emails in mutt

    I'm using mail/mutt and mail/isync for many years and have never noticed any issues. However, today I missed an email (which I found via the web interface) and decided to investigate the situation. I run mbsync via cron, it's using IMAP, so all boxes are in sync, I do not use mail/procmail or...
  15. herrbischoff

    FreeBSD-compatible email archiving software

    In the past I had successfully used Mailpiler with some patches, unfortunately the developer has decided to focus exclusively on Linux and introduce explicitly BSD-incompatible changes. Also, no support is given should you somehow make it work. Therefore, I'd like to ask around if someone has...
  16. aragats

    Replacement for Thunderbird?

    Mozilla products get more and more bloated and unusable... So Palemoon is a great replacement for Firefox. How about Thunderbird? Of course, there exist many email clients. Personally I don't need GUI in most cases and use mail/mutt at home. However, I have to use mail/thunderbird at work since...
  17. spython01

    Solved Send external email from FreeBSD without FQDN

    I am trying to set up a FreeBSD VPS on Digital Ocean and would like to have the server send emails to my work email whenever updates are available and when cron jobs have completed. Is there a way to do this without associating a fully qualified domain name to the server? In looking through...
  18. Johnny2Bad

    Weird error in daily reports, could someone interpret this....

    I am running FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p1 with a customized kernel (NAT compiled into it). I have setup ssmtp to send me the daily, weekly etc reports and over the past few days I have been receiving a strange error in the security run output. Checking setuid files and devices: Checking negative...
  19. F

    Mail username

    Hello guys ! I'm running FreeBSD 10.1 and I have a little problem. With httpd installed and webserver running every mail goes to receiver with same name/email. Configuration: private $smtpServer = ''; private $port = '465'; private $timeout = '45'; private...
  20. asys

    Can you send email using sendmail?

    First of all, I'm sorry if the title is confusing or doesn't make any sense but I'm simply confused by the intricacies of this whole email technology. I read somewhere that you can send email using sendmail -it < mail but it only goes as far as the queuing list. I've formatted the mail file as...