email addresses with '.xyz' tld banned on FreeBSD Forum

I just registered to the FreeBSD Forum and was forced to use my gmail address.
Why am I not allowed to use my own domain? My domain has a xyz tld.

It seems like all email-addresses with an xyz tld are blocked ☹.
Pretty annoying for me though. Maybe I should buy a second domain with different tld...
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Spams from .xyz ended in 2017-2018 Should be ok now, I would unblock .xyz and check out. I don't think that spammers paid for prolonging.

It was becouse of that:

It is worth to mention that there is huge amount of valid companies and people that are using .xyz domains.
F.e. is google corporate website.

Blocking as spam whole top level domain name sounds bit crazy for me to be honest.
Still receiving spam from .xyz with 13 blocked so far today. The domain names are somewhat offensive so I won't post them (I did, but thought better of it, and deleted my original response).
Yeah, no. I had this problem well after 2018. I don't have time to chase down every little wrinkle spammers have found, so I'll stick to this blunt instrument for now. Maybe I'll reconsider next year.
Well, you are surely right.
We had then small silly site with memes and spam started to getting smaller. Maybe it need some time. It also depends what you need your mail for.
Anyway, maybe you know how can I make spam honeypot ??
The spammers are always jumping from TLD to TLD. Seems like they are just looking to take advantage of cheap domain sales and don't really care what the extension is. I've seen more legitimate .xyz websites out there than spam, and they appear to be upping their communication about fighting spammers.
I've seen more legitimate .xyz websites out there than spam, and they appear to be upping their communication about fighting spammers.
Appearances are not enough for me. The abuse coming through .xyz domains was bad enough that I'm going to ban them indefinitely. Hopefully enough people will do this, and the .xyz owners can serve as an example of what not to do for other TLD owners.
While I appreciate the plight of the .xyz user .. as someone who runs an anti-spam operation covering thousands of domains, I can tell you that I've had to make (literally) three exceptions for bona-fide .xyz domains over the years that .xyz has been on the scene; this TLD (and quite a couple of other new arrivals) is blocked wholesale (in Return-Path, From, PTR, HELO) and it adds an extra spam score when present in a URL in the body of the email. Its presence in email has a 99.9999% correlation with spam. Same goes for forum signups (including spam URL attempts).

Use .xyz for your personal website or blog, not for email.
I think lots of people still use gmail. (I do, among others, I keep thinking I should get something with my own domain name from say, fastmail, but I just don't have the energy). I'm sure yahoo is still allowed, but it seems far less popular. Anyway, I am sure both are allowed here.