Solved Serious question: blacklisted email addresses on mailing lists

Alright, so here's what happened: I tried to send an email to the freebsd-current mailing list regarding a bug I opened, the point of that mail was to discuss about the bug and eventually open an FCP.

Checking the mailing list archives, my mail didn't go through, but my client said it did, so I started searching around for the reason this happened and found this:

What's extremely annoying is that I tried to have a serious discussion about a serious topic, but my email domain got blacklisted without any announcement, anywhere (presumably by the CoC committee? not even sure).

I'm attaching my email, in case someone is interested.
So... what is going on?


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Why not contact the mailing list admin rather than imagining your email domain has been blacklisted?

Because in the link there is
b) mail from known anonymous email domains no longer gets accepted into
mailing lists.
So I'm kind of sure that was the case
As far as I can see, the domain in question is, which is, well, something that has a fair chance of being banned. I don't think this is the case, though.