1. ziomario

    bhyve How to boot Debian in EFI mode using bhyve...

    Hello to everyone. I hope to make happy someone,explaining how to boot Debian using the EFI bootloader and Bhyve. There is an extra configuration to do,otherwise it will not boot at all. First of all,I'm using vm-bhyve and this conf. file : loader="uefi" cpu=8 memory=8GB...
  2. schojo

    ZFS i/o error - all block copies unavailable after freebsd-update

    Hi all, i just did a freebsd-update fetch, freebsd-update install and reboot from 13.0-RELEASE to 13.0-RELEASE-p2 and get greeted with this: Just yesterday everything was fine, zpool status had all four hard disks ONLINE... what can i do? :/
  3. neostanniy

    Solved EFI fault on boot for no obvious reasons

    Hello everyone. I have installed the FreeBSD with a lot of help of the community, but ran into another serious issue after installing and adding nvidia modules into kernel + modifying my /etc/rc.conf and /boot/loader.conf to launch gnome3 by default exactly as it was said. And now I am having...
  4. C

    Unattended install on FreeBSD13 with zfs/efi

    Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my set of FreeBSD12 machines to FreeBSD13. Since I use them for automatically configured jails, the host machines are basically 'reinstall to upgrade' devices on ESX. My existing installerconfig setup doesn't work: it installs but doesn't boot. I did a manual install...
  5. Incnis Mrsi

    vt/efifb drops video signal – how to restore?

    Hello. My “FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE r354233” box sometimes shuts down its output VGA signal after I disconnect (physically) a monitor from the cable. Everything else works: keyboard, X server, even virtual console switching succeeds (as indicated with vidcontrol -i active </dev/ttyv1) and may be...
  6. Abraham79

    Manual partitioning for installing on SSD with pre-existing Linux OS. Is this steps correct?

    Hi, I am planning to do a bare-metal installation of FreeBSD 12.1 on a intel 330 SSD which already contain Devuan 3.0 Linux on UEFI-GPT system. I'm planning to install Gnome 3. I tried running the installer and manual mode in bsdinstall seems to me, confusing. It is asking for entire disk or...
  7. A

    General instruction for installing FreeBSD and not breaking existing gpt UEFI partitions; want to boot FreeBSD with grub

    I am trying to install FreeBSD to the same HDD to which my Linux and Windows are installed; so it may be called triple-boot. I am using EFI-compatible firmware and a version of grub that on startup offers me to load one of the 2 systems that I have installed; now I want to install FreeBSD as the...
  8. rbbtnspc

    Distorted image in console after enabling amdgpu

    Hi! After installing graphics/drm-kmod and enabling AMDGPU as per Wiki (with EFI workaround), the image in console looks distorted: The issue happens on 12.1-RELEASE, 12-STABLE and 13-CURRENT with Radeon RX570. Also, I've tried graphics/drm-current-kmod and graphics/drm-devel-kmod as well...
  9. aragats

    Two FreeBSD installations and EFI

    Goofy question: How to add an EFI entry for a second FreeBSD installation? I have two FreeBSD installation on the same disk partitioned this way: 1. EFI 2. FreeBSD 12.1 3. FreeBSD 13.0
  10. userxbw

    Solved fresh install v12 along with Linux on GPT Not working

    As it stands I have HP g2 laptop, I've already had this OS installed on it on second hdd letting it take the entire disk. Now I want to incorporate Linux and make everything efi as this IOS burned to a usb stick turns out it is EFI. Testing stage I am in. I have a 500GB sdd, I partition it out...
  11. aragats

    U-boot, EFI and device tree

    FreeBSD 12 for ARM comes with EFI/BOOT/bootarm.efi on FAT partition. It works fine with the main line u-boot, which is great. However, it's very critical to FDT (.dtb*) files, if doesn't like it, it gets stuck atKernel entry at 0x... .... relocation_offset 0We have device tree sources (.dts...
  12. tangles

    Solved booting MacPro1,1 with 32bit EFI (not BIOS/Legacy)

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone is able to offer some suggestions: Hardware: MacPro 2006 (has 32bit EFI) 32GB RAM 2 x QuadCore Xeon 64bit CPUs (have been upgraded) 6 x SATA ports 2 x PATA ports Anytime the Mac boots using Legacy BIOS and not EFI, only 4 SATA ports are recognised, temperature...
  13. Ekynox360

    Solved Difference freebsd-boot efi partitions

    Hello everyone! 👋 I'm discovering FreeBSD so I'm starting to read some literature about this system. I often see in documents a partition entitled freebsd-boot which weighs 512KB for efi boot. On my virtual machine, I rather see a 200MB efi partition. What's the difference between them and why...
  14. O

    Booting FreeBSD 12 on an iMac

    I recently installed FreeBSD 12.0 on two older iMacs. dmidecode info from one of them: BIOS Information Vendor: Apple Inc. Version: IM91.88Z.008D.B08.0904271717 Release Date: 04/27/09 ROM Size: 4096 kB Characteristics: PCI is...
  15. Nyakov

    EFI Full disc encryption with GELI and key file

    Can someone clarify how to use removable flash drive with encryption key with new full disc encryption process? The new approach is to encrypt /boot altogether with /root filesystem. So, as I understand, initial encryption performed by EFI loader. Is there a way to pass keyfile to EFI loader...
  16. J

    Does Freebsd support direct UEFI booting?

    The Freebsd Handbook, section 12.2 on the boot process, contains a note that seems to state that Freebsd does not support direct UEFI booting. The concern is that on our two Freebsd machines, the BIOS are set for UEFI. The note reads: Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks in advance.
  17. Keve

    loader.efi freezes loading kernel

    Hello forum-readers, I have a 2006 iMac 4,1 with an Intel Core Solo processor and 32-bit EFI 1.1, and I am trying to run FreeBSD 11.2R/i386 on it. It looks to me that FreeBSD's 32-bit EFI loader is found, loaded, started, which in turn DOES find my freebsd-ufs partition, finds the kernel at...
  18. P

    No UEFI entry after FreeBSD install with refind

    Good day everyone! I apologize if this appears as a redundant post, but I haven't been able to find a solution to the issue from my searches online, so I'm hoping I can get some help here! I installed FreeBSD on my Lenovo y700-15ISK with Win10 in UEFI without secure boot using the following...
  19. Avery Freeman

    ZFS How should I extend a ZFS partition after cloning a drive to a larger drive?

    Hello, I have a 120GB drive using ZFS that I'm cloning to a 300GB drive since I know I will outgrow it soon. It just dawned on me that I've never extended a drive using ZFS before. Partition 1) EFI (512MB) Partition 2) ZFS data + OS root (111GB) Partition 3) Not sure (15GB) maybe left over...
  20. N

    Solved Can't boot from encrypted partition.

    Hello, FreeBSD community. I need help with booting from an encrypted partition. Until now, my EFI machine booted from an unencrypted ZFS, while the rest of the system resided on an encrypted ZFS. The layout was like this: /dev/ada0 |- /dev/ada0p1 (efi, 800k) |- /dev/ada0p2...