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    Solved Fresh FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE install - no boot [UEFI]

    I noticed there are some threads on booting problems, though none of them mentioned my specific issues. I have an ASUS S301A ultrabook with Intel Core i3 Haswell + Intel HD 4400 Graphics, Realtek 8169 Ethernet and Intel Centrino 5100 wireless. I used to run FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE on it some time...
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    Solved The vt(4) resolution is always 640x480

    The laptop is ThinkPad X250 (Broadwell GPU) and the LCD resolution is 1366x768. I have set booting from UEFI only and disabled CSM. The whole disk is encrypted by GELI except /boot/. On 10.2-STABLE, the LCD resolution can be recognized rightly without any configure in /boot/loader.conf. The...