Solved Very load sound in headphones during boot


I have FreeBSD 13 on my desktop(AMD Ryzen). Everything is pretty smooth expect one little but very annoying issue.
During boot(specifically during sound card/system init) I have very very loud sound in my headphones for a short moment. It's like when you power on huge speakers using switch you got this this sound, hard to describe.
This is the case only in FreeBSD(so it's not HW specific I suppose). Maybe it's because volume level is on it's max during boot.
If we can remove this irritating sound or make it not that loud - will be nice! Every time I forget to take off headphones during boot - my ears start bleeding after this sound/beep :(

Thanks in advance!
Thanks to you man, I was able to make a proper search request and I found the solution here:

7.2.6. Setting Default Values for Mixer Channels​

made the job for me!