1. sidetone

    sndiod enable

    I have been wondering about using audio/sndio and sndiod on FreeBSD. So, I found /usr/local/etc/rc.d/sndiod. From here, it should be enabled with service sndiod onestart, and by entering sndiod_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf.local. When I didn't have a sound interface, the output from mixer would...
  2. decuser

    feedback through speakers when scrolling

    This is interesting, but annoying. Anytime I scroll in a browser window, or even just click and hold the scrollbar, I get a faint humming through my speakers. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone have any idea how to fix it? My relevant specs are: Dell Optiplex 755 Intel(R)...
  3. D

    Solved Micca OriGen+ DAC

    Anyone have experience with this product or similar high sample rate DACs on FreeBSD 11? I'm setting up a dedicated Windows box soon and/or emulation with Xen or bhyve, so I'm still going to get it regardless and will have a chance to test it myself. Supposedly it requires proprietary drivers...
  4. herrbischoff

    Solved Presonus AudioBox USB not recognized

    I'm running a headless FreeBSD 11 box at home. Now, I'd like to use the server as a music player as well. As the interface worked without a problem on all other OS's I tried it (including Linux), I thought about giving it a shot on FreeBSD as well. Unfortunately this did not work out as...
  5. StreetDancer

    Alienware M17XR3 - Audio Problems

    I am using the same format for troubleshooting as seen on this thread : No Sound With Headphones However, my audio doesn't play out of my speakers. VLC Player and YouTube play fine, just no sound comes out. I don't use HDMI, however my laptop has the ports available. Just looking for speaker...
  6. J

    headphones sound, even with device.hints

    I installed FreeBSD 11 on a Dell Latiutde laptop. Sound plays well from the speaker. But when plugging in headphones, sound still plays from the speaker and no sound from the headphones. I read the man page of SND_HDA(4) and believe I have understood the relevant part. I enabled verbose...
  7. F

    No HDMI Audio Out for Intel Haswell (HD Graphics 4600)

    Hello, I've seen some posts showing success with HDMI audio output; however, I haven't had any luck with my system. I'm able to get video through HDMI and sound from the audio jack, but I haven't been able to get sound through the HDMI port itself. If anyone has any additional troubleshooting...
  8. T

    Using sndio in place of pulseaudio

    Like me, you might be struggling a lot with sound, ever since pulseaudio came up. However, there actually is an alternative that sparked out of the OpenBSD community. It's a light weight and just works. Sadly it isn't what applications use per default, so one is currently forced to use ports...
  9. T

    Solved HP EliteBook 2530p, no sound with snd_hda

    Hi everybody, currently, I'm trying to set up FreeBSD 11.0 on my HP EliteBook 2530p. After updating the BIOS to the latest version, the system is running perfectly well. Only audio is something I just can't get configured correctly. Maybe someone has experience with the same device and is able...
  10. C

    Audio Issues And Recommendations

    I'm having issues with audio after trying all the sound drivers, my pciconf -lv lists my available audio devices as: hdac2@pci0:0:27:0: class=0x040300 card=0xda201462 chip=0x8d208086 rev=0x05 hdr=0x00 vendor = 'Intel Corporation' device = 'C610/X99 series chipset HD Audio...
  11. dave

    RPI-B Audio Config For musicpd (mpd)

    Hello, I have been trying to get musicpd (mpd) working on a Raspberry Pi Model B. If I set up the null output, I can get it to "play" music using the command line musicpc (mpc). If I use the default audio output config, or if I use no audio output config and let it detect the output, in both...
  12. N

    Solved USB MIDI controller not recognized by DAWs

    I'm trying to get my Akai MPK25 USB MIDI controller to work with a DAW such as audio/lmms or audio/ardour. But the controller is not available from within either program using the menus, and I'm not able to connect either DAW to the MIDI controller using audio/qjackctl. I know the hardware is...
  13. E

    System freeze playing audio on Raspberry Pi B, FreeBSD 11.0

    I am trying to set up an audio player on a Raspberry Pi B with FreeBSD 11.0 Release. If I understand correctly, audio should be working with 11.0. sysctl output shows the availability of the VCHIQ driver and of a PCM device. However, when trying to play an audio file, no audio is played and...
  14. A

    Freebsd only sounds by the front jack

    Good, I hope you can help me: My problem is the next; Freebsd just sends me sound to the front audio connectors, but it does not sound by the rear connectors The drivers are loaded at startup from rc.conf: kld_list="fuse agp snd_ich snd_hda 915kms linux sem coretemp tmpfs aio" My sound card is...
  15. r0g3r

    FreeBSD without audio

    Hi, my FreeBSD this no audio I've compiled the kernel and continues without sound followed the way to be in the handbook
  16. N

    RME hdspe soundcard driver

    Hello, I'm new to the forum so hi everyone! I'm a student in IT & telcommunications from France. I currently use Archlinux but I am thinking about switching to a BSD system. At the moment, the only thing that hold me back is that I think that there is no driver for my RME hammerfall II...
  17. goshanecr

    Please update audio/sphinx3 to audio/sphinx4

    Hi friends! There is a outdated version of speech recognition system in ports tree, maybe someone update it to actual version?
  18. T

    Solved Combine front with rear audio output

    Hi all. Does anyone know how to combine rear audio output with front one? All I can is to switch between them with setting sysctl on hw.snd.default_unit=5. All manipulation with snd_hda I have done was unsuccessful: could switch also but not to combine. sysctl dev.hdac.1.pindump=1 && dmesg...
  19. Kova

    Bad audio quality on headphones only

    Hello, I am getting bad spectral distribution (bass and treble are too weak) on headphones. Spectral distribution on speakers is fine. It's the same across different headphones, so the problem is at the jack. Tweaking params with sysctl has practically no effect. Neither has a (unrelated)...
  20. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    2016 A.D.: bluetooth audio yet?

    I searched the FreeBSD forums for any mention of an applicaton which will send sound to a bluetooth pair of headphones. The answer was "not yet", but the most recent such answer that I found was in 2013. Anythiing newer than that for FreeBSD bluetooth audio?