1. A

    Freebsd only sounds by the front jack

    Good, I hope you can help me: My problem is the next; Freebsd just sends me sound to the front audio connectors, but it does not sound by the rear connectors The drivers are loaded at startup from rc.conf: kld_list="fuse agp snd_ich snd_hda 915kms linux sem coretemp tmpfs aio" My sound card is...
  2. r0g3r

    FreeBSD without audio

    Hi, my FreeBSD this no audio I've compiled the kernel and continues without sound followed the way to be in the handbook
  3. N

    RME hdspe soundcard driver

    Hello, I'm new to the forum so hi everyone! I'm a student in IT & telcommunications from France. I currently use Archlinux but I am thinking about switching to a BSD system. At the moment, the only thing that hold me back is that I think that there is no driver for my RME hammerfall II...
  4. goshanecr

    Please update audio/sphinx3 to audio/sphinx4

    Hi friends! There is a outdated version of speech recognition system in ports tree, maybe someone update it to actual version?
  5. T

    Solved Combine front with rear audio output

    Hi all. Does anyone know how to combine rear audio output with front one? All I can is to switch between them with setting sysctl on hw.snd.default_unit=5. All manipulation with snd_hda I have done was unsuccessful: could switch also but not to combine. sysctl dev.hdac.1.pindump=1 && dmesg...
  6. Kova

    Bad audio quality on headphones only

    Hello, I am getting bad spectral distribution (bass and treble are too weak) on headphones. Spectral distribution on speakers is fine. It's the same across different headphones, so the problem is at the jack. Tweaking params with sysctl has practically no effect. Neither has a (unrelated)...
  7. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    2016 A.D.: bluetooth audio yet?

    I searched the FreeBSD forums for any mention of an applicaton which will send sound to a bluetooth pair of headphones. The answer was "not yet", but the most recent such answer that I found was in 2013. Anythiing newer than that for FreeBSD bluetooth audio?
  8. Kalero

    hw.snd.default_unit invalid argument

    Hi, I'm trying to set my default sound device in FreeBSD 10.3 and, according to the handbook, the variable hw.snd.default_unit needs to be set pointing to the correct pcm (in my case, and according to /dev/sndstat, it's pcm6). So, I add hw.snd.default_unit=6 in /etc/sysctl.conf but, when system...
  9. palik

    portmidi port

    Hi all, it looks like there is no portmidi port available. Does any one know why FreeBSD does not support the library? Best regards, Alexei
  10. sidetone

    Solved Switch between ATI and VESA drivers?

    My video hardware is in the APU, and it is ATI R7. How would I disable ATI hardware, and use VESA, or my supported (Radeon) videocard? (which my supported videocard doesn't show in dmesg output) I unset the ATI driver option in xorg-drivers, and tinkering with the BIOS settings, but I got a...
  11. freebsdknowledge

    Xfce Audio not working on FreeBSD 10.2 x64 + XFCE

    Hi to all! I am new to FreeBSD, and I have followed this guide ( to install and configure the system. I need to use the portuguese-brazilian (pt-br) keyboard layout, when I started the installation, a screen appeared asking what layout I wish...
  12. M

    Favourite docs, videos, audio (media) relating to IT/technology

    No copyright violations! When in doubt link to Wikipedia / some descriptive source instead of a file In no particular order: -) [doc] Program design in the UNIX environment, Rob Pike, Brian W. Kernighan -) [video] BSD Now Episode 103...
  13. N

    FreeBSD MIDI/audio How-To

    An excellent HOW-TO record with MIDI and FreeBSD.